How Machine Learning Changing the Data Entry Process

How is Machine Learning Changing the Data Entry Process?

Posted on July 13, 2017

Machine Learning (ML) has gained immense significance in the past few years. Currently, numerous organizations across various industry sectors are using machine learning to improve their services, enhance their efficiency, and decrease the possibility of errors significantly. One such industry vertical that is extensively using machine learning is data entry.

Machine learning has changed the data entry process drastically and made data entry a much faster and more accurate process. Following are some of the major ways in which machine learning is transforming the data entry process:

  1. Enhanced Efficiency

    The duplication of data and inaccuracies were among the cardinal problems encountered by the data entry firms until they started embracing machine learning for their processes. The predictive modeling and machine learning algorithms help minimize errors and enhance the efficiency of the data entry process.

    ML enables businesses to analyze the existing data to identify insights and improve the process. This ensures flawless data entry. It detects information, if any, that has been re-entered and helps in eliminating the redundancy.

  2. Quicker Data Entry

    Machine learning enables the data entry operators to complete the tasks at a much faster rate. It eliminates the need for many tasks, which were earlier performed manually, thereby reducing the overall time required for data entry.

    Moreover, the entered data is cross-checked for any errors, flaws, and iterative data. Thus, the knowledge workers can now spend some more time on other vital and higher-value tasks instead of proofreading and correcting the entered data.

  3. Automated Data Scanning

    As the companies are implementing more and more digital strategies, they have started collecting much more data, in the form of images, voice, and text. This has resulted in large volumes of unstructured data and requires people to arduously scan through it to find out relevant information. Machine learning algorithms help in the faster scanning of all sorts of data, whether it is comprised of images, text, or voice.

    The human-machine collaboration has paved the way for accelerated digital data scanning and made it easier to perform documentation and data entry. For instance, some organizations are using machine learning methodologies to generate automatic reports. These algorithms generate automatic reports by exhaustively scanning the texts and figuring out the different relations between the concepts.

  4. Accurate Documentation

    Advanced machine learning algorithms are even capable of performing automated data entry tasks. These algorithms can scan various forms and images, find out the relevant data that needs to be entered, and update it automatically.

    This will soon eliminate the need for manual data entry professionals, as many companies have already started innovating with machine learning algorithms and are designing programs to use the capabilities of machine learning to automate data entry.

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