How is AI Changing Content Marketing?

How is AI Changing Content Marketing?

Posted on August 20, 2020

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are taking over the digital marketing processes adopted by different businesses. Customized business-specific solutions are what needed to keep competing in an industry. In this context, developing business-specific and digitally-unique content is the base of all digital marketing techniques. AI is now helping to generate digital content for websites and helping to grab the attention of search engines.

Let us dig a little deeper to find out how AI is changing the content development phase of digital marketing services.

  • Automatic Generation
    The AI platforms used by the leading digital marketing agencies are ideal for generating simple content for different businesses. Stock updates, product information, sports reports, etc can be generated easily using AI-driven software. Hence, the strenuous and hectic job of forming content on momentary updates can be overcome by using such platforms. It makes a website more responsive to the users’ needs and gets a good search engine result page ratings (SERP).
  • Chatbot Integration
    Chatbots are driven by AI platforms that analyze the queries of leads and answer them aptly. Previously, every query took time as the executives had to sort out resources to answer them. Now, it can be done instantaneously as the AI chatbots are very fast in analyzing queries and finding the right information out within a fraction of seconds. This process relieves customer support from a huge workload and also maintains a good reputation with leads/customers.
  • Customized Feeds
    The taste of every individual varies. The prime component of a digital marketing strategy is providing personalized content. Hence, a user getting daily updates and feeds in a customized way will be ideal. These feeds will not be considered as spam. Hence, a business with a digital presence will be able to keep engaging users.
  • Lead Scoring
    A business will try to generate leads and keep them engaged to convert them into loyal customers. Lead scoring is a technique to find out the current development of the lead marketing process. It helps a business to identify the position of leads in a buyer’s journey. An AI platform finds out the time spent by a lead on website content and predicts the buyer’s journey.
  • Content Enhancement
    Finding trending and relevant topics and creating content becomes a lot easier with AI. This step boosts the SEO of a website.

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