How Invisible Cuts is Revolutionizing Video Editing?

How “Invisible Cuts” is Revolutionizing Video Editing?

Posted on May 2, 2019

In modern world cinematography, continuity of scenes is really important giving a flow to the ongoing story and making it a visually enchanting experience for the viewers. This is a process of film transition making it necessary for a better understanding and to join the film parts, elements by elements for giving continuity to the sequences taking place in the film. Until and unless we have a good ongoing process of invisible cuts, it wouldn’t provide for an eye-catching and professional experience for the viewers.

There are generally random shot footages that are attached one by one with different effects of sounds and other effects to make it more embellishing and appealing for the viewers. There are various other effects added to this process like subtitling, 2D and 3D effect, general noise reduction, among others to give it a more realistic view. There are different software required for this process and recently many award-winning short films and feature films have been using better software to give that special effect to each scene.

The main usage of this “invisible cut” is that the audiences are generally able to see through any cuts in the ongoing video slots and to avoid that, this is used to provide continuity and consistency to the video. To not let the viewer distract from the picture, invisible cuts are used by which transitioning goes on from one scene to another. The work of the “invisible cuts” is to connect the various and separate parts of the video which is all shot differently to form into one long feature film or a video.

It is very important to maintain an overall rhythm of a story or else there becomes no point in making a film. Invisible cuts are used to give a profane outlook to the entire film giving it a purely visual experience altogether helping the audience to have a better emotional connection with every ongoing scene eventually making the film successful. These methods are adopted by storytellers to convey the true meaning of the film and making it an enchanting experience for the viewers.

There are many basic options involved in this entire transition process. E.g., cut which enables playing many shots one after another, fades to black which is necessary to disparate various parts involved in the story. To have an insular connection between the films becomes important in every film or video.

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