How Data Science Can Help the Travel Industry in the Post COVID Era?

How Data Science Can Help the Travel Industry in the Post COVID Era?

Posted on July 16, 2020

Travel was perhaps the first industry to be hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic and post COVID-19, it is estimated that more than 50 million professionals would be laid off. With the whole world getting into a lockdown phase and with no saying when things will get normal again, it’s a huge challenge ahead. While people still want to go out and see places, it’s a health risk, not many would like to take on. However, the best response to this crisis is going to be the responsibility of the tech giants. In not just tracking the virus but also to identify and forecast future outbreaks (we already have smaller outbreaks happening all across), it will be data science, AI and related technology that will save the day.

  1. AI for virus diagnosis
    Companies like Infervision have already come up with an AI-based solution that assists healthcare professionals in both monitors and detect the disease. With an improved diagnosis, it could be the new norm of travel.
  2. Processing claims
    Travel insurance, which is a highly integrated part of any international travel with not see a surge in claims. Technology using the Blockchain platform, such as the one developed by Ant Financial with help reduce the face to face interaction and speedier claims.
  3. Identifying non-compliance
    The biggest concern with the COVID-19 spread is the casual adherence to the pandemic protocols. Though this is more of the controversial use of technology, face recognition tech like SenseTime could be the new way airports and travel borders operate from now on.
  4. Bots as your new receptionists
    Technology is going to replace humans and post COVID-19, your new airport or hotel receptionist could be a robot or a chatbot that help you with bookings and consultations. Tencent is already operating WeChat that offers free health consultation online and this could be extended to the services in the travel and tourism industry.

A lot many countries depend on the travel industry for their economy. Consequently, things will certainly bounce back with time. However, it is guaranteed that we see a lot of technology replacing the common travel experience when it comes to the service part of the process. Contactless travel will mean that everywhere from the visa application center to the ticketing at a museum at your destination will have tech touchpoints. So, expect more of Siri and her counterparts everywhere!

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