How Can Small Businesses Use Blockchain Technology?

How Can Small Businesses Use Blockchain Technology?

Posted on May 16, 2019

One very special type of technology that is growing rapidly nowadays is Blockchain. Despite being practically non-existent to the common public it has grown at a steady rate for the few years and its impact has been tremendously high especially in the business department. So many companies depend on blockchain currency for their monetary transaction and the collapse of this particular technology might result in the collapse of their entire business. More and more companies are migrating towards blockchain nowadays to carry out even their basic business transactions. As it is more reliable and secure, it is also much more logical to use this piece of technology to carry out your business nowadays. Some people may find it hard to work with it as they don’t really understand the entire concept of it but most people don’t know how the Internet works but it does not stop them from using it every day.

Small businesses or start-ups that have entered into this world of hyper transactions can benefit greatly from blockchain and here are some of the ways it would be beneficial to them:

  1. Better, faster, and much more secure money transfer
    The foundations of blockchain are in cryptocurrency and that makes it so much swifter and secure when transferring money. Before the advent of this cryptocurrency, our money had to go through banks or a middle man that we did not trust and that resulted in money laundering and illegal practices. With the coming of blockchain, this problem has been completely eliminated.
  2. Contracts cannot be broken
    There is a technology that is above the blockchain technology called smart contracts. They provide you with predetermined conditions and agreements that two parties are bound to follow when they are going through with a transaction. As businesses all depend upon a plethora of transactions, it is essential that both these parties follow certain rules and regulations so that none of them are betrayed. Blockchain allows this to be carried out smoothly.
  3. Smooth operation of supply chains and proof of provenance
    After a transaction has been done there is a lot of paperwork which is required for it to be shipped and then delivered to a customer. This type of procedure can take a lot of time and it is not easy to keep all the records of every transaction ever made. Plus, there comes a problem with provenance. Before a product reaches a particular customer, it has to go through a lot of different workers and factories. It is not easy to keep a track of all these products and this might lead to the products being exchanged for inferior materials that finally reach the customer. But with the advent of blockchain keeping a track of them is no sweat at all and you can easily track your products as it reaches the desired destination.
  4. Data is stored securely
    Blockchain allows your data to be stored at a reasonable cost without compromising or overspending. All users need to do is create an additional hard drive for their storage and they are set.

This technology has the potential to help businesses small and large by providing them with a safe environment to work in and function properly. If you give it a chance and try it out for yourself you can see the immense amount of potential this piece of technology holds to change your business for the better.

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