How Can Outsourcing Video Transcription Benefit Your Company

How Can Outsourcing Video Transcription Services Benefit Your Company?

Posted on July 9, 2020

It is one thing to listen to an interview and completely another to be able to read it and go back and forth. Transcription services have been huge for companies across sectors and allow for any kind of verbal and recorded information to be available in the form of text. This makes it easier to share and analyze the information presented in the same while also being able to highlight the key takeaways. Though most commonly used in the legal and medical field, transcription has been a key marketing tool for businesses worldwide.

However, it is also interesting how most companies requiring transcription services outsource the job rather than having an in-house team. For any business out there, the key to success has been focusing on their core skill set. For example, the skill set required for a good transcription job is completely different from what a team of layers does. It’s not their core competency. Hence the need for it to be outsourced! There are several other advantages associated with outsourcing your video transcription services including:

  1. Economical
    For the untrained professional, turning a video into text will be a very time-consuming job, even when it seems like an easy task. Also, this employee will mostly be taking care of the transcription parallel to the other core activities he/she has been assigned. It can get boring quickly, if not making one lose focus on the other tasks at hand. On the other hand, with a professional transcription service provider, this is what they are trained to do. Work is done fast and over the years, experience ensures that the mundane task is handled with accuracy while maintaining a high standard.
  2. Content delivery in different formats
    Turning a video into text isn’t just supposed to be a rewrite of the original. With video transcription service providers, the product you get comes in a wide format, focusing on the presentation of the information. A simple video could either be turned into a blog or an Infographic depending on the requirement of the client. This is of huge help when further using the information or just showcasing it to the audience.
  3. Bulk service
    Lastly and most importantly, businesses that hire transcription services, do this more than often. Their requirement is mostly in bulk and the information load that is to be handled can be too monumental for an in-house team. Outsourcing the same doesn’t just free up your office space for the existing core workload but also offers a more economical alternative.

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