How Can Healthcare BPO Scale Your Company's Customer Experience?

How Can Healthcare BPO Services Help Scale Your Company’s Customer Experience

Posted on August 3, 2021

The Ever-Increasing Demand For A Seamless Customer Experience Journey

It’s easy to see why customer experience is so essential. Businesses are trying to improve the customer experience, which has emerged as one of the most important key differences for any company’s lasting success.

The COVID-19 pandemic has tossed everyone for a loop, forcing them to rethink how they deliver seamless client experiences. There is currently a strong focus on digital encounters and the remodeling of physical ones. Brands are today delivering more digital interactions with and for their customers than ever before.

According to a recent study by Temkin Group, companies with a $1 billion yearly revenue can expect to earn an extra $700 million in three years if they invest in customer experience.

Quick service increases customer satisfaction and encourages them to stay with your company. However, an in-house implementation may not always be easy, thus, the need for outsourcing may arise. In this post, we are listing seven ways healthcare BPO services can help improve your company’s customer experience record.

7 Ways Healthcare BPO Services Help Scale Your Company’s Customer Experience

The healthcare sector is diverse, and administrators have encountered new difficulties and demands. The use of healthcare BPO for assistance and administration has grown in popularity over time.

According to the Market Data Forecast report, the worldwide healthcare BPO market is expected to rise to USD 370.94 billion by 2026, up from USD 232.33 billion in 2021. From 2021 to 2026, they expect the global healthcare BPO outsourcing market will grow at a CAGR of around 9.81 percent.

Claims and bill management, medical data and charge entry, and payment processing are just a few of the functions that can be efficiently outsourced. Any healthcare organization can benefit from a dependable and professional BPO partner.

Here we list 7 ways healthcare BPO companies help scale your company’s customer experience:

  1. Aids in the prevention of severe errors

    Even the tiniest mistakes in the healthcare industry can be deadly, especially to a patient’s medical record.

    Outsourcing to a healthcare BPO that follows the standards and policies set out by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) will assure that a patient’s record is kept private while also ensuring its accuracy. It also aids in the prevention of medical billing issues.

    Poor billing processes cost the healthcare industry almost $125 billion each year. Medical bills also have a high amount of errors since billing laws and regulations change frequently and are infrequently maintained promptly.

    At Flatworld Solutions, we follow the latest healthcare laws, such as HIPAA and the Health Care Reform Bill. This helps us maintain the highest levels of accuracy in all duties, including medical coding, billing, accounts receivable, and records indexing, to name a few.

  2. Focus on core business

    Outsourcing healthcare services can help your company move its attention away from non-core tasks and into work that benefits customers, and helps management define their goals. Outsourcing is mostly used by businesses to minimize interruptions and allow them to focus on their core capabilities.

    Healthcare outsourcing service can be a lifeline for healthcare organizations since it allows them to focus on delivering great patient care rather than the tiresome task of managing administrative duties and burdens.

    As a result, the company’s healthcare standards and the value of patient treatment improve. This also makes the goodwill for the healthcare organization grow as patients have more favorable experiences.

  3. Access to skilled professionals

    Outsourcing business services and collaborating with an outside provider’s business model and economies of scale can create a significant competitive edge for your company.

    One of the most significant benefits of outsourcing to healthcare BPO is the access to the enormous pool of trained healthcare experts having extensive knowledge and experience.

    This ensures that the client’s needs are met in the best feasible way without any organizational difficulties. It also saves the healthcare organization a lot of time and effort in terms of personnel hiring because the healthcare BPO providers will manage everything.

  4. Task accuracy is very high

    In the healthcare industry, each mistake can come out at a tremendous cost.

    The number of errors can be significantly reduced if a company concentrates on its main functions. Data processing, data input, data analysis, data transformation, information extraction, and product information management are just a few of the services that a reliable healthcare BPO service provider can offer.

  5. Cost-Effective

    Although cost-cutting isn’t the primary motivation to outsource, it is a significant factor.

    Outsourcing services that would otherwise have to be completed by hiring additional in-house staff can save healthcare organizations a large amount of money.

    Healthcare outsourcing services manage a huge team of experts on part of a healthcare organization, sparing the company money on hiring and training new employees.

    The outsourcing partner’s expert team stays up to date on the latest developments in legislation and standards. Several healthcare organizations are considering outsourcing to save money and have more control over the price of the outsourced service.

  6. Expand and increased practice offerings

    By outsourcing all the non-core activities, healthcare organizations can focus on patient care thereby improving their level of productivity and profits.

    As outsourcing increases competitive advantage, it also gives an international outlook to the business operations of healthcare organizations.

    Healthcare facilities may offer additional services to their clients as their operations attain a high sense of consistency, which also improves the level of service given, providing them with an advantage over their rivals.

  7. Data storage and recovery

    It is critical to ensure data is securely and backup so it can be recovered quickly in case of damage.

    Storing data securely can be a critical problem for healthcare organizations. Outsourcing these tasks to healthcare BPO firms will allow for data confidentiality across several locations, as well as extra security against cyber-attacks. Digital data is more secure than physical papers and can be readily reproduced if and when necessary.

    Data security is the most important factor in nearly every industry. However, in the healthcare industry, data security is critical since medical information, bills, prescriptions, cash receipts, and other sensitive information may be stored.

    Storing things in the cloud might be a safe option, but it is important to check security measures as well; else, if they are lost for any reason, they will be lost forever.

Start Delivering Amazing Customer Experience with Flatworld Solutions

With over 17 years of proven experience and 99% quality assurance, Flatworld Solutions is 100% HIPAA, HL7, CPT, HCPCS, and ICD-10 compliance. To enable better provider partnerships and compliance, we improve data accuracy, on-time project delivery, reduce the turnaround time, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and pended claims volume.

Our healthcare BPO service processes include the medical billing process, medical coding process, medical claim process, charge entry process, and medical records indexing process, to name a few.

If you want to take your healthcare business to the next level while enhancing patient happiness and cutting costs, outsource your processes to Flatworld Solutions.

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