How Can Competitive Business Analysis Help in Strategic Planning

How can Competitive Business Analysis Help in Strategic Planning?

Posted on August 16, 2018

No business works in solace and never does a business idea remain unique for long. In this highly competitive environment, it becomes essential to assess the competitor if a business wants to thrive. It has always remained a very important aspect of the business strategy development. The businesses who tend to ignore the competition tend to go way out of the league and the ones who just copy their competitors succumb under the pressure of their competition and lose their identity.

Running a direct and indirect competitor analysis helps businesses drive a unique product or strategy. It helps business identify:

  1. Competitive advantages or disadvantages of their set of products and services
  2. Assess the future of the product or services by understanding the past and present strategies of the competitors
  3. Take informed decisions and take a competitive lead against the existing and budding competitors
  4. Helps business price the product appropriately to garner interest and benefits the customers at the same time

Before any business sets out to go for competitive business analysis, it must always prepare the list of direct and indirect competitors. It becomes important to see in which aspects are their products and services competitive. Whether it is the prices, the features, durability, or the freebies. Sometimes a competitor may seem to be quite strong but after checking his profile it can be assessed whether he will pose to be a continuous threat to your business idea or not.

The strategies your competitors are using helps you assess what works and what does not. It saves you both time and effort. In a competitive business analysis, you may come across a very potential strategy that your competition has devised but if he is not able to execute it well, you can do so in your favor.

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors helps build a unique and unbeatable strategy. It is very important to make a prediction of how the competitors will stir their strategy after you launch the product in a strategic manner. Assessing this ensures that you would not have to make too many changes to your strategic planning as you predicted the changes beforehand.

Businesses lay strong emphasis on attaining the recorded data like annual reports and competitor brochures to analyze the strategy. A business can conduct market surveys to understand which competitor is leading in the market and why.

Businesses already know a lot of competitor data. All they need to do is study it in a competitive and analytical way. For example, a business already knows what the overall profits and sales of their competitors are. They know what they are selling, how they are pricing the product when do they offer discounts, and which channel they use to market and distribute the products. In the world brought together by the internet, our competition is aware of the importance of customer retention and new customer counts who add to the value of sales.

There are a few more aspects that can help businesses understand the pulse of the competitors like how satisfied their customers are, what are the new products they are bringing in, are they planning any strategic partnership and more.

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