How Can Artificial Intelligence Prevent Crime?

How Can Artificial Intelligence Prevent Crime?

Posted on December 6, 2018

Artificial Intelligence has come a long way since its inception and one of the latest uses of it has been found in the law and order sector. According to scientists, the process of a crime being committed or a person’s mindset turning into that of a criminal’s can be calculated. However, this requires analyzing a huge volume of data which of course is something that the AI machinery is based on. All leading governments are now allocating budgets into training AI technologies to function within their law and order systems.

This, however, comes with a catch. The data records of law and order systems about criminals and criminal activity, in general, is tainted with shades of discrimination towards the minorities. For example, an AI system which takes into account the criminal past of a person and calculates their chances of going back to their criminal ways is most likely to choose minorities like the ones who are more likely to falter.

These problems aside, there are still quite a few things that an AI system can do which are of great help to the police and detectives. Here are a few amongst them:

  1. Locating Gunshots

    AI systems can pick up the sound of a gunshot in any neighborhood and process the data of the sound to triangulate an area from where it occurred. It can also alert the authorities as soon as the shooting takes place.

  2. AI Surveillance

    If AI systems are integrated into the camera monitors which are placed in public it can be trained to locate acts of violence by reading the body language and sounds and alert the authorities immediately.

  3. Face Recognition

    AI systems are being used to match the description of a criminal with all faces in a community and vice-versa. This makes the process of tracking potential criminals quite easy.

  4. Behavioral Analysis

    Aligning with the branch of behavioral science, AI systems can track a person’s behavior as well as their vital signs and make predictions such as whether the person is lying or telling the truth, whether they are likely to be violent, etc.

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