How Can AR Benefit Engineers and Designers?

How Can AR Benefit Engineers and Designers?

Posted on June 14, 2018

At present, one of the most important technological trends evolving in the software industry is Augmented Reality (AR). Products like Google Glass and visual, head equestrian displays have further proliferated the market demand of AR.

Owing to its demand, one might be curious to know how this augmented reality truly operates. AR works by utilizing and identifying algorithms, which it receives from the vision of a computer to augment visuals, video, sound, and all other sensor dependent inputs over the actual world objects with the help of a user’s camera.

It is one of the fastest growing technologies, slated to reach billions by the end of this year. AR helps users to have a distinct and more interactive world, which blends both real and simulated world together. In addition to these, AR is not limited to only computers and mobile phones, but also other devices as well, thereby providing a pool of users a completely new experience in the digital world.

Let’s dive into how this form of technology can be the game-changer for both engineers and designers:

  • Excellent Designs

    One of the most important benefits of augmented reality for designers and engineers is the capability to see the architectural strategy beforehand and view how it appears in the real world. Usage of augmented reality in architecture is a boon for both engineers and designers. By utilizing this technology, you can easily place a 3D data over a real image to gain an understanding of it might look eventually.

  • Multi-disciplinary Utilization

    Augmented technology can be utilized in almost all stages of designing and trade, starting from perception phase to production phase. It is widely used by designers all over the world for works like:

    • Assembling illustrations
    • Gaining information regarding quality control
  • Creation of Error-free Models of Work

    In the designing phase, augmented reality is being used by engineers and designers as it facilitates them to see the actual product even before it is completed. This helps them in getting an idea of how the product will exactly look like, granted it is in the condition where it will work. Thus, engineers and designers can easily know what the problems are and rectify them to form a superior and error-free model.

  • Excellent Marketing

    Augmented reality also plays a major role in marketing, as it helps convince the customers by showing them how the product will look in their required location. It also helps the designers to give assurance to the customers that the work is going in on time.

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