How Business Intelligence Data is Becoming User-Friendly

How is Business Intelligence Data Becoming More User-Friendly?

Posted on May 10, 2018

One of the assets that every organization needs in today’s competitive business world is the right data. If you have access to the right set of data, you can derive several useful insights from it which can help you strengthen your business’ position in multiple ways.

While everyone comprehends the significance of data, the real challenge lies in identifying which data is the right one and efficaciously deriving insights from it. Not every organization is well equipped to collect colossal Big Data and more than 70% of the organizations lack the tools required for effectively managing the data.

Though every business needs the access to the right data, they are not well-equipped to handle the Big Data which often comes in both formats – structured and unstructured. At this time, we certainly need more user-friendly ways of accessing, using, and extracting right information from the data.

Many tech and business experts reckon that the confluence of IoT, Cloud, and data will help businesses across the world in accessing the right information.

Business Intelligence Is Evolving To Be More User-Friendly

Among the recent and top-notch technology developments, the user-friendly evolution of Business Intelligence and its self-service solutions is one of the most important. With the self-service BI solutions, the companies don’t need to deal with the colossal volume, huge variety, and extreme velocity of the Big Data.

Moreover, the Big Data which is in the unstructured format needs a lot of work to become valuable. So, the companies don’t need to use their time and resources in making the Big Data beneficial for them. They can use self-service BIs and get the right set of information relevant to their business and targeted market segments.

The self-service advancements and the recent developments in the field of cloud computing are greatly contributing towards increased BI awareness as well as usage. The companies always need the right data in order to make better and informed decisions, and this is what self-service BI is doing for them.

Managed IT Services Are In High Demand

Data warehousing and Managed IT services are in great demand among companies. The Managed IT services give companies an opportunity to emphasize on their core activities and not spend their resources on developing an IT infrastructure and maintaining it.

Also, as the security of data is becoming a big concern, businesses are looking for help from IT experts who can ensure the safety, integrity, and confidentiality of the data.

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