How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Gaming Industry

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Gaming Industry?

Posted on February 28, 2019

Artificial Intelligence has cast its spell on almost every functional industry. No industry is left untouched by Artificial Intelligence, but only for the better. AI has tremendously transformed the way a particular industry functions and operates, not only on a long-term basis but significantly on a day-to-day basis. One such industry is the gaming industry. The gaming industry relies heavily on technology, so the effect of the advent of AI on it will be quite substantial. Through this article, we will look at ways in which AI is transforming the gaming industry –

  • More Realistic Games

    This is one area of gaming that has grown significantly with the use of AI, over the last 10 years. The decade has witnessed some incredible technological advancements in terms of 3D Visualization Techniques, Physics-based Simulations, and some recent advancements like the inclusion of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in gaming. This has allowed the game developers to develop and create more visually appealing and at the same time more interactive games. Gamers also have evolved and want a realistic gaming scenario and not just good graphics.

  • Improving the Overall Experience of the Gamer

    Another aspect that AI has improved in gaming, is the real-time customization of scenarios. For example, if your team is losing a FIFA match, the AI will respond with the fan chants boosting up your morale, affecting your performance positively. This was one example of customizing the real-time scenarios as per the situation of the gamer. This plays a crucial role in taking the overall gaming experience to the next level.

  • Improving the Developer Skills

    The developer community of games thrives on technology. They are always in search of cutting-edge technology and brilliant innovations to further hone their developing skills. The rising trend of adopting AI in games will lead to a substantial transformation in the way games are developed. Various new concepts such as function-based movements, pathfinding, the inclusion of genetic algorithms are being largely adopted in games. As a result, now with the knowledge of basic developing skills, the game developers will be required to have a sound knowledge of basic AI techniques and algorithms.

To conclude, the gaming industry is one of the profitable industries of today. The growing demand for creating more realistic, interactive, and appealing games, will witness the use of AI in the industry heavily.

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  1. Siya Carla

    The major problem with the AI in gaming app development is creating a “pre-trained” agent like a machine learning algorithm and even when it gradually learns, it would be taking the best approach against humans that no developer wants.

  2. TeamPlus India

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