How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Future of Transportation Industry?

Posted on March 14, 2019

In the age of digitization, Artificial Intelligence has become almost synonymous to technology. Over the past few years, we have seen some tremendous technological advancement in the field of AI. We have seen AI take off in almost all the industries and sectors. One of the major industries that have seen a major application of AI is the transportation industry. Below we will see how AI has and will impact the transportation industry.

How AI will help the transportation industry?

  • Will Improve Public Safety

    By tracking the crime data in real time, the safety of the urban public traveling through public transport can be improved. AI can help predict the probability of the occurrence of such unpredictable events. This will also aid the police in improving their efficiency by patrolling.

  • Self-automated Vehicles

    These are the new buzz words of the transportation world. Ever since Uber and Elon Musk have produced self-driving trucks, more advancements in the same are promised. This will help reduce accidents, especially in risky accident prone areas. Also, it will increase productivity.

  • Corporate Decision Making

    AI can help improve the planning and decision-making process of transportation companies. They can use accurate prediction methods to forecast their volume using various AI methods. Several other decision-making tools can be designed and run by AI. This will greatly impact the investments made by the companies.

  • Improving Traffic Regulation

    Transportation, both in general and in specific, is hugely impacted by the traffic flow. Traffic congestion costs billions every year in India. This data, if adapted for traffic management through the use of AI, will allow a streamlined flow of traffic and will help reduce congestion. Several such systems are already in use. This can be extended to public transport as well.

  • Improving Pedestrian Safety

    The application of AI can be extended to improve pedestrian safety as well. Using AI, we can predict the path of pedestrians and cyclists. It will help decrease traffic accidents and subsequently injuries. Also, it will allow for more diverse transportation usage and a great reduction in emissions.

Overall, the future of AI in the transportation industry seems very bright. It is estimated that by 2020, we will have 10 million self-driving vehicles and more than 250 million smart cars. The transportation industry will become more data-driven, and hence more organized.

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