How AI & Machine Learning Are Fueling the e-Learning Industry?

How AI & Machine Learning Are Fueling the e-Learning Industry?

Posted on February 20, 2020

Gone are the days of classroom teaching and learning processes for high-grade learning. With the advent of superior technology, we now have machine learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques coming up which has no doubt boosted the e-learning industry. With the state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting edge technology, it is without a doubt that machine learning would soon take over every platform for education. These processes not only allow any software to behave in a more intelligent manner but also automatically upgrades by itself.

How can e-learning be beneficial from Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence?

  1. Enabling a better delivery of the content
    Designing any course online via a Learning Management Application is not just a one-time thing. The content of the course needs to be revised time and again according to the feedback given by the students who take up the courses. This feedback can be in a sort of any comment, or by a questionnaire or simply by ratings, quizzes and results. Artificial Intelligence enables the utilization of an artificial network of neural connections or even deep-seated algorithms for processing the information to optimize the content which requires a very minimal amount of human intervention.
  2. Course personalization
    With the advantage of machine learning and artificial intelligence, we can customize the courses and tailor them to suit every student. Since every student is not the same when it comes to thinking capabilities, Artificial Intelligence provides a way to supply examples and case studies that an individual can best relate to.
  3. Enhancement of course effectiveness
    Machine Learning enhances the intake capabilities of every student since it customizes the course content for every single individual, thus, when a student can relate to the content in a better format, their understanding of the content becomes way easier. This enhances their knowledge of the course they pursue.
  4. Extremely immersive and interactive experiences
    With the advent of assistants who are robots, like Temi, Zenbo, and Cloi to name a few which has already been introduced in the market. These machines have been integrated with cloud-based management systems for the learning procedure to teach the students and individuals in the comfort of their houses rather than spending time in front of their computers, mobile phones or their tablet devices. These robots allow interaction with the students and help them in doubt clearing.

The above points are reasons good enough why machine learning and Artificial Intelligence creates a greater synergy in the learning process of individuals.

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