Have Important Data Stored on Stacks of Image Files? Try Outsourcing

Posted on April 26, 2013

For most businesses, image data entry is essential, though the process of extracting data from images is cumbersome and time consuming. Does your company have an immeasurable amount of hard copy images that need to be processed? Or maybe, you don’t have access to experienced image data entry professionals.

The solution to such problems is outsourcing your image data entry work to a specialized data entry partner, who has skilled data entry experts and established processes. Partnering with an image data entry provider from India can enable your company to achieve high quality results within a fast turnaround time.

6 benefits you can enjoy by outsourcing image data entry

  • By outsourcing, you need not invest on expensive data entry technology or software upgrades
  • Experienced data entry service providers like Flatworld Solutions follow stringent image data entry processes that guarantees 99.9% accuracy in image data entry
  • Outsourcing frees you up from the pressures of hiring and training an in-house team of data entry professionals
  • Since India has a 12 hour time zone difference with the US, you can get all your images files entered within a short time span of 12 to 24 hours
  • Outsourcing image data entry to India is not just convenient but also very economical, as outsourcing can bring in a 40% reduction on your current operational cost
  • With image data entry out of your hands, you and your employees will finally be able to channel all your time, money and effort into the core activities of your business

India offers a comprehensive range of image data entry services

Indian data entry service providers like Flatworld Solutions, understand that one data entry solution cannot fit all. Keeping this in minds, Indian data entry companies offer a wide array of image data entry services to meet the varied requirements of customers. Some of the image data entry services offered in India includes:

  • Image indexing
  • Image capturing
  • Image sorting
  • Image cropping
  • Image keying
  • Image capturing
  • Image editing and merging
  • Image data entry from catalogs
  • Image data entry from scanned images
  • Image data entry into databases ( of your choice) or spreadsheets
  • Image conversion
  • Image storage

Outsourcing image data entry is simple & secure

You will find that outsourcing image data entry to India is extremely simple. The process of data entry begins with the customer uploading image files to a secure FTP site. The data entry service provider from India will access these files and enter the data onto specialized software. Expert data entry operators will then identify and correct discrepancies and mismatches, if any. Next, a stringent quality check is performed to ensure an accuracy level of 99.9%. Finally, the output of the data is organized according to the client’s specifications and sent to the customer.

Why not outsource image data entry to India right away and leverage the advantages of outsourcing?

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