Has your hospital thought about outsourcing medical transcription?

Posted on October 12, 2012

If you running a hospital, healthcare institution, multi-speciality clinic or even a physician practice, you know that time is precious and best spent on patient care. You understand how busy your physicians are and you are looking for a way where you can minimize cost, time and effort.  You want someone to handle your hospital’s entire medical transcription volume, so you and your physicians can provide better healthcare.  If this is your current scenario, you can consider outsourcing medical transcription to India.

Reports, notes or summaries – Get everything transcribed within 24 hours

Medical transcription companies in India, have the capability to transcribe an entire range of reports, notes, charts and summaries, such as:

  • SOAP notes
  • History and physical reports
  • Clinical summaries
  • Discharge summaries
  • Operative reports
  • Patient charts
  • Pediatric/geriatric reports
  • Emergency room reports
  • Progress notes
  • Rehabilitation reports
  • Teleconferences
  • Medical records summaries
  • Surgery notes
Be assured about accuracy with the 5 step transcription process followed in India

  1. Your voice dictations will be taken from the client or FTP server by an Account Manager who will assign the voice file to a dedicated medical transcriptionist
  2. The medical transcriptionist will transcribe the audio file on a prescribed template and send the completed file for proof-reading
  3. An experienced proof reader will review the completed transcripts and make changes if necessary. Feedback, changes and corrections will be send to the medical transcriptionist for a review. The file will then be sent to a Quality team
  4. The Quality team will conduct quality checks by random sampling. Feedback will then be sent to the proof- readers and transcriptionists
  5. The completed transcripts will be finally sent to the Account Manager who will review the transcribed files before submitting it to you

Why Indian medical transcription companies are the best?

  • 99.9% quality and accuracy – Medical transcription companies in India follow stringent quality checks on each file, use experienced transcriptionists with experience in particular medical specialities, ensure the correct transcription of medical terminologies and check each file twice for accuracy.
  • 24 hour turnaround – Your medical transcription partner in India can complete the transcription of your file in less than 24 hours (overnight).
  • 100% HIPAA compliant – Most medical transcription companies in India are 100% HIPPA compliant and provide compulsory HIPAA training for their medical transcriptionists.
  • Intensive training – Medical transcribers in India undergo training across all specialities for over a period of 6 months before they can join a transcription company.
  • Dedicated team: When you outsource medical transcription to India, you will get a dedicated team made up of Client Account Managers, Quality Associates, Proof-readers or Editors and Tier-1 Transcriptionists.

Don’t wait any longer. Outsource medical transcription today and help your physicians concentrate on patient care.


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