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Posted on July 5, 2013

Is your healthcare institution, financial company or government organization still relying on 105 x 148 mm microfiche slides for data storage?  If yes, then its time you digitized your data by investing on microfiche scanning and conversion services.  Earlier on, during the 80’s and 90’s microfiche slides were extremely popular because this type of data storage enabled a company to minimize cost, preserve important data and save trees all at the same time. But today, the same cannot be still said about microfiche cards.  Here are six reasons why it’s better to put an end to the use of microfiche slides:

  1. Microfiche cards can be very easily damaged
  2. As compared to digitized data, microfiche rolls are difficult to read
  3. There is a risk of losing data, as microfiche films can degrade over time
  4. Microfiche Readers are expensive, bulky and tricky to repair
  5. Information cannot be easily extracted, as one has to go through every microfiche slide
  6. Microfiche slides cannot be easily shared between several members in a team

Microfiche scanning and conversion can help you go digital

Don’t worry if you still have your data on microfiche rolls. By outsourcing microfiche scanning and conversion services to India, you can make an easy transition from microfiche slides to digital images. A service provider from India can help you index your microfiche cards with special keywords or index values, so that you can quickly find and retrieve information. By getting your data converted into PDF or TIFF images, you can also easily share files between several team members.

Outsourcing microfiche scanning and conversion services to India, sure has its benefits. Leverage the following five advantages, by getting your data digitized:

  1. Easily find, extract, fax or print information within a matter of seconds
  2. Efficiently store any amount of information and also easily access it as and when required
  3. Carry your data with you anywhere you go in a portable USB drive or DVD
  4. Provide access to several remote users at the same time over a network
  5. Effortlessly take back-ups of your critical data

Take advantage of outsourcing!

If microfiche scanning and conversion is not one of your core services, then it is best outsourced to an experienced service provider like Flatworld Solutions. Service providers in India use high speed OCR (Optical character recognition) scanners that have the capacity to flawlessly scan over 600 DPI images per day. Any type of microfiche card can be successfully scanned in India, be it COME fiches, Jacket fiches, 35mm cards or 16mm cards. You can also get your digitized data in any format of your choice, be it XML, JPEG, GIP, Excel or PDF amongst others. Give your business a competitive edge today by getting your data digitized.

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