Get an Expert HVAC Design & Layout by Outsourcing

Posted on March 23, 2014

Are you currently on a retail, industrial or utility building assignment? Whatever be the type of building project that you are handling, you would most likely need HVAC services (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning).  Did you know that you can now outsource HVAC services in its entirety?

Right from designing to detailing and then drafting, an engineering service provider in India can provide you with a customized HVAC 2D design and detailing layout. When you outsource HVAC services, you will get access to a team of skilled virtual engineers who will accurately design the plumbing, electrical and duct layout of your structure, according to your exact specifications.

You need not have any worries about the quality of the final design, as engineering service providers like Flatworld Solutions ensure that the every HVAC layout is aptly designed to offer the building’s occupants with maximum comfort, accurate temperature control and air-flow.

5 great reasons to outsource HVAC services

  1. Get an expert HVAC design plan and layout for any type of heating, cooling or ducting system. You can even avail HVAC services for a wide range of utility systems.
  2. Engineering service providers use the latest in technology, such as steam, cold water and hot water to create efficient piping layouts for multi-level structures.
  3. You can avail customized HVAC services for your type of industry, whether you belong to the commercial, residential or retail industry
  4. Be sure of adhering to internal standards of quality in your HVAC project
  5. Get your HAVC project completed on time at a cost-effective price

What will a HVAC duct and design plan include?

A HVAC ducting and design plan will typically include:

  • A draft and design for your HVAC system construction plan drawing
  • A drawing of the duct sizing and a design of the layout
  • Drawings of the equipment piping, sizing and design layout
  • The design and development of your construction plan drawing
  • Diagrams of the schedules, schematics, legends and other such details
  • A layout of the mechanical equipment, drawings of the elevation and submittals
  • Coordination drawings, addendums, shop drawings and other such specifications
  • Calculations of heat load, designing of the duct and piping layout

Get expert design services for heating, cooling and ventilation systems

Skilled engineering service providers like Flatworld Solutions have the expertise to design any type of heating, ventilation or cooling system, such as:

  • Designs for heating systems: Floor / wall furnaces, boilers, space heaters, oil/ gas burners, direct vent heating, radiant heat, heat pumps, ground source / standard heat pumps, natural gas heating, indoor coil systems, thermostats and forced hot water/ air.
  • Designs for cooling systems: Air conditioners, installation / repair of ice machines, refrigeration and air handlers.
  • Designs for ventilation systems: Central air systems, air filters / cleaners, overhead units, rooftop/ window unit systems, humidifiers / dehumidifiers, kitchen layout and design, commercial kitchen exhaust hoods, ductless split systems and sheet metal ducts

Don’t wait any longer! Try outsourcing HVAC services today and get your building assignment completed with world-class duct layouts and designs.

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