Flatworld Solutions Offer Non-Core Legal Services at One-Third of your Current Cost

Posted on August 25, 2009

Legal firms in the US, UK and other European countries have managed to cut their overheads and costs by more than 50% by outsourcing their non-core legal activities to India. This significant reduction in expenditure leads to added resources and greater concentration on other core functions and activities. Flatworld Solutions, one of India’s leading providers of Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) services, offer a wide range of non-core legal activities, such as legal documentation, legal drafting and legal analysis.

A few of our legal documentation, drafting and analysis services include:

  • Drafting of legal pleadings, discovery documents and other documents related to litigation
  • Drafting of complaints and summons
  • Drafting of responsive pleadings and answers
  • Drafting of correspondences
  • Preparing discovery documents and pleadings for the review of trial attorneys
  • Analyzing and organizing legal information
  • Performing legal research, non-legal research and medical research
  • Legal work involved with investigations, outside vendors etc

Flatworld Solutions employ experienced lawyers who have a through understanding of the legal systems in the US and UK. Apart from being able to handle any type of legal analysis, legal drafting or legal documentation, our lawyers are available 24×7 to provide reliable second opinions and edit pre-drafted agreements. Furthermore, we offer complete security and privacy of your confidential data.

Outsource your legal documentation, drafting and analysis services to Flatworld Solutions and gain fast and reliable services at a cost-efficient price.

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