Flatworld Solutions’ Comprehensive Approach to Outsourcing

Posted on March 29, 2010

At Flatworld Solutions, we are very passionate about our work. Thus, you don’t just receive services from our end after signing the mandatory SLA. You get to experience an entirely comprehensive approach to outsourcing. Our competitive strength lies in the width of the range of services that we offer – over 10 entirely different services that cater to different business verticals.

With a global delivery network, delivery centers in India, Philippines, China and Bolivia, we have a competitive advantage over our competitors in the outsourcing domain. We approach business from your point of view. Rather than plugging the services we offer, we try and understand your unique business needs and then go all out to meet them with the resources that we have. Sometimes this could also mean offering a new service or a combination of services.

What Makes Our Approach Comprehensive?

It is the diverse nature of services that we provide, which are focused on specialized business process outsourcing solutions, across various industry verticals such as healthcare, logistics, insurance, finance, engineering and mortgage. There are many companies out there that provide outsourcing services, but are they comprehensive?

Here’s why we claim to provide a comprehensive approach to outsourcing. While providing services, we ask you several questions in order to understand what exactly you are looking for. In the process, we manage to nail down your pain points and also identify other requirements that may arise at your end. There have been several instances in which we have delighted our customers with our comprehensive outsourcing approach.

While providing artwork services to a customer, we realized that the process could be streamlined further and hence, we suggested the customer to use our project management software. Hurray! The customer liked our project management tool and immediately insisted on using it in-house. The customer found a solution for his software requirement in the process of outsourcing artwork solutions.

In another instance, there was a customer that wanted architectural engineering services. However, the customer, being a very busy man, had very less time to “write” his requirements to us. All that he did was record what he wanted to say and send the audio files to us. We transcribed those files in-house, to understand what the customer wanted. The customer was delighted that we could provide transcription services also, even though we were approached only for architectural engineering services.

The reason why we call our approach the “comprehensive” one is because we have a solution for most (if not all) of your business requirements. It has always so happened that a customer came to us looking for a certain service and ended up signing up more than one service.

If you also want to benefit from our comprehensive approach, contact us. We will be more than happy to help you!

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  1. Kennith Helser

    I wish more people would write blogs like this that are actually fun to read. With all the garbage floating around on the web, it is a great change of pace to read a blog like yours instead.


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