The Fascinating Hidden Potential of Augmented Reality

The Fascinating Hidden Potential of Augmented Reality

Posted on December 13, 2018

Augmented reality is a disruptive technology which serves the purpose of blending real-time scenes from the world with virtual information. This is basically the next jump in the road of science from 3D, and developers worldwide are bringing to life various applications of the AR technology. It was recently seen being used in the famous mobile device game, Pokémon Go, however, this technology promises much more practical usage. Let us take a look at some of these factors.

  1. Directions Maps

    AR technology is being used to provide people with directional guidance in various places. An airport has applied this technology in their airport to help people navigate around without any hassle. In the near future, it can also be used to give people accurate directions throughout cities.

  2. Placement Visualization

    One of the best uses of the AR technology is in the ability to place a certain thing without actually having to do so. For example, if a manufacturing industry wants to install a large and heavy machine in their production plant, they can simply use AR technology to see where it fits the best. This can be of great help to builders as well.

  3. Medical Technology

    AR is truly changing the world of medical technology. Applications are already in use which allows medical students to study various anatomies without having to cut through the flesh, etc. This is also used to explain tougher medical conditions to patients, and can also provide real-time information on a certain diseased area of the body. Any surgical procedure can be first done via the AR technology to gauge the effects before actually carrying it out.

  4. Military Technology

    AR technology has been of great assistance to the military as well. From virtual training sessions to HUD support for fighter aircraft, AR applications have been merged with most of the military processes to enable a much better rendition of the process. It is expected that in the future AR technology will actively assist troops on dangerous missions and help them reduce enemy threats.

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