Factors to Look Into When Outsourcing Your Photo Restoration and Editing Services

Factors to Look Into When Outsourcing Your Photo Restoration and Editing Services

Posted on June 17, 2021

Images on a social media platform like Facebook receive 400% more engagement on text-only posts and 30% more engagement than videos. 80% of customers agree that a product’s image quality is “paramount” to selecting and making a purchase. All these statistics point to one simple fact – high-quality images are a success factor for your business. And therefore, old photo restoration services and photo editing solutions are the need of the hour – all the more so because the pandemic has created a landscape that will continue to encourage innovation and digital adoption. We, at Flatworld Solutions, the pioneer of providing outsourcing services across the world, have put together an exhaustive article to help businesses look into the important factors when outsourcing picture restoration service and photo editing needs. Let’s delve.

What are Photo Editing and Photo Restoration?

Photo quality and editing go hand in hand when it comes to enhancing one’s business image whether it’s a product image or the website or a business event. Before jumping to the factors to consider when outsourcing photo repair and restoration services, let’s have a glance over what photo editing and photo restoration mean.

Photo editing

Put simply, photo editing refers to the process of altering a picture. But that’s oversimplifying a highly sophisticated practice. For example, some techniques require manual editing, while others are done using automated software. In some cases, photo editing is done offline on real photographs, posters, or other printed material.

Photo restoration

Anyone who has a collection of old photographs may have probably noticed that the photos are not looking as sharp as they did, say, twenty years ago. Why so? Because old photographs are prone to degradation and can wither away if they come in contact with water, fire, or stains. Luckily, using image restoration services these effects can be brought down or reversed altogether. So photo restoration is the practice of putting digital restoration tools to use for creating digital versions of photographs and in the process improving the quality and fixing damage like torn photo repair.

Another great thing about photo restoration services and photo editing solutions is that they can increase conversions by as high as 200% as high-quality pictures get shared by people and bloggers, which in turn helps a brand grow. Now, one may argue that photo restoration has existed for a long time and one can easily restore photographs and edit photos using tools like Adobe Photoshop as well as consumer-grade scanners. So why outsource? Because even though most people can afford the resources necessary for photo restoration and editing, just possessing them does not assure success. One needs to learn how to use the software to carry out processes like torn photo repair to restore damaged or deteriorated photographs. It’s a long and complicated process that requires years of practice to truly master. That’s why businesses instead opt for professional photo editing services which provide much better results at an affordable cost.

Here’s More on Why You Need to Outsource Your Photo Editing Work?

A brand or a business can create a noteworthy online presence by outsourcing their product photo editing needs, while also helping them to stand out amid their online competition. There are many reasons businesses outsource their photo restoration services instead of using in-house software to edit photos, some of which are discussed as follows –

  1. Saves huge money
    Needless to say, if one decides to take up the editing process in-house, he will have to invest in high-end software, tools, and other resources amounting to thousands of dollars. On the other hand, if he partners with a professional photo restoration services company that already has these expensive image editing software and tools, he can save a lot of that hard-earned money that can be invested in the growth and development of his business.
  2. Saves the day
    Imagine a situation where the in-house team fails to produce images captured in or imitating natural lighting conditions. This can put the business in jeopardy as 70% of viewers today prefer photos captured in natural lighting conditions. There can be many such scenarios where the in-house team’s lack of enhanced editing and photo restoration skills may damage business reputation and hinder sales further triggering bad word of mouth. All these potential issues can be done away with by joining hands with a company that offers photo restoration services and photo editing solutions. When done correctly and via a thorough analysis and selection process, outsourcing will not only save money on image editing and photo restoration but also improve a business’s image quality and get its product sold online quicker. Outsourcing photo restoration and editing needs is especially an effective and cost-saving option for eCommerce players.
  3. Saves undue stress
    Most entrepreneurs are aware that as the business evolves, requirements change rapidly. If there’s a huge uptick in demand for a product or a service, one cannot afford to give away his or his employees’ precious time editing or restoring photos. Other than selling on its online store, if the business wants to, for example, foray into other channels like Amazon or eBay which has its photo requirements, it can be a bummer. But, by outsourcing photo editing work and photo restoration services, one need not worry about these seasonal swings. Outsourcing photo editing and photo restoration needs give one access to a talent pool of skilled photo editors. In this way, one can focus on crucial aspects of his business instead of breaking one’s head over whether to have 20, 200, or 20000+ photos to edit every day.

    Now that we’re clear with the Whats and Whys, let’s jump into the Hows of outsourcing photo restoration services and photo editing needs, which brings us to the factors to look into when outsourcing photo editing services – how to choose the best outsourcing company for your photo editing needs.

Factors to Consider Before Outsourcing Image Editing and Restoration Services

So, the things to consider before outsourcing photo editing services are as follows:

  1. Determining the photo editing services one needs
    More than 92% of the most engaging posts on social media channels like Facebook consist of images. One can boost online visitor duration by up to 35% using 360-degree product photography. Now, a well-versed photo-editing or photo restoration services company not only knows these facts but suggests ways in favor of the business from brand engagement and online presence. Not all photo-editing companies offer such holistic photo-editing solutions. For example, some only offer white background services as they mostly cater to eCommerce players and their needs. Others provide a full gamut of photo-editing and old photo restoration services from clipping path to vector conversion. If one is not sure which type of photo-editing service he needs, then he must consider factors like which kind of look or photo quality he wants to accomplish. It’s a good idea to share examples with potential photo restoration service providers.

    For example, most flourishing online retailers are aware that their needs change rapidly with swift business growth. For example, a business that is selling on its online store now may, down the road, want to spread its wings into other platforms like Amazon or eBay — each of which has its photo requirements.

  2. Can it solve business problems?
    While selecting a photo editing company, apart from whether it will do the work or not, one must also factor in whether they are actually capable of solving real-time problems which affect business operations. The problem can be anything from image presentation to color correction. Professional, reliable photo editing service providers are like personal consultants who keep in touch with their clients and go out of their way to not only provide the best photo editing solutions but also give suggestions to counter any kind of issues.
  3. Turnaround time
    This is one of the crucial factors to look into when outsourcing photo editing services.

    Pro tip – Determining the photo editing or image restoration services company’s bulk order delivery timing will give one an idea about their capacity. If the company is offering high-quality work with a quick turnaround time, it can be highly beneficial for the business.

  4. Technology matters
    In this 21st century where almost everything is going digital, most well-performing businesses are equipped with top-notch software and technology enabling them to provide hassle-free service. It’s the technology that allows them to perform multiple functionalities on their images to make them look perfect as well as “click” worthy. And what usually follows after a click is a conversion, right? So, one must make sure to choose a photo editing or picture restoration services company that uses cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art software.
  5. Sample check
    Product photography is all about having a quality image of the product. A good photo editing company should display this with their work samples. So, one must go through the potential photo editing service provider’s samples to see if they are on point. One must go for a company that aligns with all his requirements and that of his clients or customers.
  6. Cost
    Last but not least, it all boils down to the price. Different photo editing and photo restoration service providers have different rates. Some demand 2$ per photo and some 1$. But one should not compromise on quality just to save a few bucks because that quality picture will pave the way for more clicks and conversions than a product picture of inferior quality.

Why Choose Flatworld for your Image Editing and Photo Restoration Service Needs?

There are a host of reasons for choosing us. Some of the main reasons to partner with us include –

  • Affordable rates
    Our photo restoration services and image editing services are provided at highly affordable and reasonable rates. Our highly talented image editing and photo restoration specialists take care of everything including torn photo repair and charge relatively lower to pass on the cost benefits to our customers.
  • High quality
    We provide unmatched image editing and photo restoration capabilities that are always delivered with the highest quality. We also have multi-level quality checks in place to ensure that our image restoration services surpass our clients’ expectations.
  • Quick turnaround time
    We understand that time is a critical factor for our clients and that’s why we endeavor to always deliver faster than our competitors. We have efficient and streamlined processes in place to ensure that we deliver in time.
  • Latest software
    We leverage the latest and best software, tools, and technologies for our photo repair and restoration services. We also have our finger on the pulse of the global image editing community, the latest developments, new tools, and techniques. That’s what enables us to provide cutting-edge services to our clients.
  • Enhanced customer experience
    We, at Flatworld Solutions, strive to make our clients’ photo editing process as seamless as possible. Our dedicated team is always there to support our customers and adds value by generating savings for them and increasing their core process capabilities.
  • Reliable team
    We assign a dedicated team consisting of highly talented, humble professionals to listen to our client’s needs and provide results that meet their requirements. Our communication is two-way, clear, and quick leaving no confusion and a single-minded focus on the solution. This enables us to turnaround work even faster.
  • Our work speaks for itself
    We, at Flatworld Solutions, are a network of teams that are populated with the best and brightest members working together to serve our clients. Our image editing specialists are highly qualified and skilled. They have successfully delivered thousands of high-quality projects to a large number of satisfied clients.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
    With robust infrastructure and multiple branches worldwide, we can maintain smooth operations to ensure a faster turnaround time without compromising on quality. Our image editing specialists and world-class infrastructure facilities coupled with top-notch office spaces, uninterrupted network connectivity, and 200% power backup, are a combination that gives our clients an edge over their competitors.
  • Security
    We, at Flatworld Solutions, offer a degree of continuity, accountability, and intellectual property protection assurance that is unrivaled in the industry.

Ready to get started with us and take your picture quality to another level for increased clicks and conversions? Contact us today for the best photo restoration services.

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