Everything You Need to Know About Edge Analytics

Everything You Need to Know About Edge Analytics

Posted on July 26, 2018

Whether you are a technology enthusiast or not, you must have heard of the term IoT (Internet of Things)? It is a trend that has caught up to our lives and soon we are going to witness a significant change in using smart devices as they will all be smartly connected.

The prime fuel to the IoT ecosystem is the data from the devices that are being managed by edge analytics. Edge Analytics goes beyond just collecting data from the source of its production and is more about the data being processed so that IoT can use it more effectively for better operations. This collected data is then processed, making IoT independent of internet access at all times.

Hence, effectively, with edge analytics in place, IoT devices can use data every time.

What was the Need of Edge Analytics?

In the recent past, we have been hearing a lot of humdrum about Big Data and Data Analytics, then what propelled the need for Edge analytics?

Edge analytics is a subtype of data analytics that primarily focuses on gaining data from machines and their operations. With Edge Analytics in place, any device can be turned into a smart device and connected to the most remote device to behave in a particular way.

Edge analytics is the driving force behind making the idea of IoT a practical form. The smart sensors on the devices are connected and Edge analytics will make sense out of this data to derive some actionable insight from it.

Edge analytics handles an immense amount of data produced by machines, by processing it right at the root of origin rather than demanding a lot of cloud space to store the data and process it. The IoT data is currently very messy leading to underutilization of the technology and the resources. Edge analytics not only saves the cloud space but also saves a lot of time and money that goes into handling the massive amount of data online. There is no concept of the data warehouse in case of Edge Analytics, as this software component receives and processes all IoT data right at the active machine.

Final Thoughts

Edge analytics is one aspect of data analytics that is going to augment the IoT revolution. Whatever data is being generated near the sensors is going to be run through Edge analytics and valuable information will be derived from it because without the machine data being processed, there is no sense to connect the machines together. With data processing at the root of the system, IoT is going to turn into a cost-effective and effective technology. Edge analytics is being highly used by Retail, Manufacturing, Smart homes, and logistics where it is being used to understand customer behavior analysis, or remotely monitoring the energy consumptions, fraud detection at ATMs and logistic monitoring without too much of human involvement leaving them to do more productive tasks.

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