Don’t Over Crop Real Estate Images

Posted on November 20, 2013

One of the biggest mistakes that people make in real estate image editing is that they do too much cropping of some photos and not enough of others. People tend to cut down interior shots too much, making them too narrowly focused, giving it the wrong feel all together. On the other hand, exterior shots may not be cropped enough. This can have a very bad impact of making the home look smaller than it actually is. Some of the photos and techniques laid out by the demonstrate what good real estate image editing can do for a listing.

Proper Interior Cropping
It is important for interior shots that your real estate image editing process does not involve cropping the photos too much. You want to show the entire room from a corner-to-corner angle, as this will make it appear bigger. That, of course, is one of the main goals of real estate photography. Sometimes people crop a photo down to only show the key elements of a room, such as the furniture. Sometimes they crop it down to cut out part of another room or a doorway, but in reality it is usually better to leave these elements in as they will make the room appear larger.

In addition, they can help the potential buyer to reconstruct the home by looking at all of the features of the room and comparing them to the floor plan, if it is available. Some buyers will appreciate this, as it is part of their process of looking at the listing.

Proper Exterior Cropping
When dealing with an exterior image, people tend to focus the real estate image editing process on the enhancement of the image. They’ll look at the brightness, the color of the sky, and the sharpness of the image. Now, these are all very important elements of the picture. They can be used to catch the viewer’s eye and make the home appear newer and brighter than the other homes that users are looking at.

However, one important step in the process of real estate image editing for outdoor shots is choosing how much to crop the home. People tend to leave the shots too wide, which means that more than just the one home is in the picture. The image should be focused on the home itself and little else.

Even the yard that is part of the property may be cropped out, as it will make the home take up more of the image. That makes the home look larger. This is particularly important with images of smaller homes with big yards, as they can tend to disappear into the photo and appear smaller when they are surrounded by a yard and even other properties. Additional shots may be added to show the yard and its features separately.

However, in cases where it is important to make the home look larger, the exterior shots should be cropped tightly. These are the types of things that are learned by expert real estate image editors. That’s why a real estate image editing service can be so valuable.

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