Do you need a virtual assistant?

Posted on June 18, 2012

Have you skipped a scheduled appointment, forgot to balance your books or been unable to meet a project deadline? If your answer is a yes to one of these, then what you require is a dedicated virtual assistant (VA). A virtual assistant is a skilled professional who can be hired on an as-needed basis, to assist you with anything from administrative tasks to web designing or accounting work.
Hiring a virtual assistant is much cheaper than a traditional employee
Recent research has shown that hiring a virtual assistant can help your company to reduce your current administration costs by a whopping 65%. Since a VA usually works from an offshore location and uses his/her software, infrastructure and tools, you will only have to pay for the actual time that the virtual assistant has worked for. By working with a VA, you can make immense savings as you need not provide for employee benefits, sick leave, recruitment costs, training costs, staff insurance, retirement costs, office space, office supplies, furniture or other equipment.

What services can a VA handle?
A virtual assistant can handle a large range of services such as general administrative work, office support, internet research, word processing, web design, copywriting, online marketing, e-commerce support or data entry.

8 advantages of a virtual assistant

  1. If you have a small or medium business, the best way to save on cost, without compromising on quality is to hire a VA
  2. You only need to pay the VA for the services you require without having to spend on extras like infrastructure, software or office supplies
  3. Your company need not go through the tedious procedure of hiring and training resources. All you have to do is just outsource, when you have a need
  4. You can invest your time, effort and money into core business functions and concentrate on business development, while your VA efficiently handles your other functions
  5. You need not hire several full-time employees for different tasks, as you can easily hire a VA as and when you need one
  6. Because of the time zone difference between India and the US/UK, your virtual assistant will have your work completed and ready before you wake up
  7. No face to face meeting is needed as you can easily share information through email, chat, phone or fax
  8. You can successfully meet all your deadlines, as virtual assistants work for 24 hours a week, without vacations, holidays or sick leave

What is your opinion of hiring a virtual assistant? Do you think a virtual assistant can be helpful for your business? Let us know.


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