How Deep Learning is Changing the Image Recognition World

How Deep Learning is Changing the Image Recognition World?

Posted on October 25, 2018

Deep learning is part of an artificial intelligence system which helps in the process of recognition. This procedure collects large amounts of data and traces them to learn more about user behavior and predicts options. Right now the two biggest functions that deep learning serves are image recognition and speech recognition. Out of these two, speech recognition has been on a good footing for quite a while whereas image recognition has faced a slouch in growth. This is no longer the case, as deep learning has made some massive jumps in technology in the past year and the results are definitely showing.

Here are some of the latest developments that deep learning has provided to image recognition software:

  1. Search Engines

    Search engines are currently one of the leading digital mediums that uses deep learning for the purpose of image recognition. Google, being the top one, has employed one of the most accurate image search processes which are fueled primarily by the process of deep learning. Microsoft is another brand which is providing top-notch deep learning systems in their smartphones and the Bing search engine. Almost all search engines provide some sort of image recognition ability and these are now milestones ahead of what they were last year due to the deep learning processes.

  2. Neural Networks

    Neural networks are virtual brain maps created by AI software so that they can duplicate human processes and provide aid. Deep learning has helped create complex networks which can process a much larger number of images and thereby provide accurate image recommendations. The largest neural network is currently owned by Google and consists of over a billion connective nodes.

  3. Categorization Purposes

    One of the most struggling fields of AI research has been the ability to create accurate categories of images. For example, previously an AI could only categorize animals into species groups such as dogs, cats, etc. However, with the latest innovations in deep learning, this categorization process can include not only sub-categories but also sub-sub-categories to provide the most accurate profiling possible.

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