Common Dormant Client Reactivation Strategies You Can Use

Common Dormant Client Reactivation Strategies You Can Use

Posted on March 18, 2021

The prime concern of an online business is to gain and retain customers. It has been found that gaining new customers can cost as much as 6 times more than retaining loyal ones. This point helps you to strategize your next customer relationship management moves.

How can you maintain a healthy customer base? Apart from digitally marketing your products and services for organic traffic, you also need to keep an eye on the customers who are not using the online portals anymore. How can you do that? This is where customer reactivation strategies framed by the top service providers can be very helpful. Here is a glimpse of the strategies you can begin with.

Some of the Key Dormant Customer Reactivation Strategies

A survey suggests that only a 5% escalation of customer retention and reactivation can generate as much as 95% of the profit you make. Here is how you can rekindle the interest of customers.

  • Email marketing reactivation strategy
    Email marketing is considered to be one of the best digital marketing methods that can give you as much as 38 times of an investment. By sending beautifully-crafted engaging emails, you can bring back deactivated profiles to the online business portal. By scouting the purchase history, a customized strategic approach can be planned for every customer. It will remind them of the good products they bought and will compel them to come back for another round of shopping.
  • Social media marketing plans
    Social media is also an exceptional way to get the attention of the customers who have been away from the online portal. Social media are the online public forums where the modern population spends most of their leisure time. This is the right place to create appealing promotional content that will draw the attention of these customers. You will gain momentum in your customer reactivation strategies.
  • Loyalty programs redefined
    Design new loyalty programs for the lost ones. Give them a new reason to come back to be part of the program. The loyalty programs should focus on bringing the old folks home, generating new customers, or patronizing them to make a buying decision regularly.
  • SMS and push notifications
    SMS and web notifications can also work like a charm. If the customers have enabled the option to see notifications from the online portal, you can use them to gain attention.

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