Cross Platform Mobile Game Development

Choose Cross-platform Mobile Game Development for Consistent Gaming Experience

Posted on April 12, 2016

Today, mobile game development has become a very lucrative industry owing to the colossal number of users using smartphones to play games. Over 80% of mobile and smart phone users indulge themselves with one or more than one mobile games, and this percentage gets even higher when tablet users.

In their pursuit to cover all the leading mobile platforms so as to reach maximum users, game development companies are steadily looking towards cross-platform development as the ideal solution. It not only simplifies the development process for diverse mobile platforms, but also delivers a consistent user experience across all the major platforms.

Why Choose Cross-platform Game Development?

Developing an efficient game that can engage the users requires the use of a vast array of technologies and a multitude of disciplines. These days mobile and tablet games are becoming progressively popular, and thus there is a high demand for specific tools, game engines and practices which can easily support the game development process while delivering an all-encompassing user experience. While developing games on each mobile platform is not a difficult task, but when you have to develop games individually, then there are several factors which need to be considered. First of all, the development becomes a complex task and secondly, it also affects the time to market which in turn can result in lesser profitability.

On the other hand, cross-platform mobile game development not only eradicates all these issues, but is also known for delivering an incredible gaming experience which is not only consistent but works perfectly in both offline and online modes.

How Does Cross-platform App Development Eradicate Development Problems?

A major difficulty faced by game developers is that they are required to deliver a consistent user experience across all the devices. Cross-platform app development eradicates all the major problems by supporting engaging and inexpensive game development solutions.

Delivering game interoperability across the devices, cross-platform game development allows the developers to focus on the game irrespective of the hardware. They only need to write the code once and the same code can be used for any mobile platform just by simple optimization and fine-tuning for that platform.

Availability of Plug-ins and Development Tools

Cross-platform game development also allows the game developers to use innovative plug-ins for the development of platform independent mobile and tablet games. These plug-ins are known to enhance game functionalities and features, as a result of which gamers get a much better and immersive world with an array of attractive features which can augment the gaming experience manifold.

Some of the most popular engines for cross-platform game development include –

  • Unity
  • Corona
  • Cocos2D JS
  • Appcelarator Titanium

Also, there are a large number of game development platforms available for cross-platform development which offer an extensive set of development tools for adding contemporary features in the games. The best part is that cross-platform game development is relatively cost-effective as compared to platform specific gaming app development, allowing developers to save big on costs as well.

Flatworld Solutions is a leading cross-platform game development company that understands the intricacies of developing mobile apps and games which can rope users in. Our developers know exactly how general app development differs from game app development, and fine tune set processes in order to ensure better development times for our clients. We offer unmatched mobile development services to our valuable clients. If you are seeking a reliable and experience company for your app development, you can share your app development requirements by leaving a comment in the box below.

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