How to Choose the Best Magento Edition for your E-Commerce Website

How to Choose the Best Magento Edition for your E-Commerce Website?

Posted on December 17, 2015

Magento, since its inception, has garnered a great appreciation and worldwide acceptance for the features it offers for designing and development of an E-Commerce store. It is easy to decide to whether to pick Magento or any other E-Commerce development framework for your online store. But the problem arises when you have to choose between the community edition or the enterprise edition of Magento, as the former is a free version while the latter is the paid but exhaustively rich with features.

Which Magento edition should you choose?

When you are planning to start an online store, it becomes vital that every aspect of it has been carefully designed and every element is intelligently chosen so that you do not have to comprise on its functionality. Though, for a simple online store, you can easily choose the Magento Community Edition but if you want to launch your online store on an extended scale, then it becomes imperative that you understand the exact difference between the features and benefits offered by Magento Community and Enterprise Edition to be able to choose the best one.

Magento Community – The Free Edition

Though free is always good, but when you are investing heavily in establishing your business, it is not a good idea to select the Magento Community edition only to save the licensing fee. It is important to consider your budget while starting a new business, but mulling over the features which you require to festoon your online store with, is, even more, significant.

Magento has equipped its community edition with the “Catalog Management” feature that enables online retailers to perform inventory management. But if you need much more than inventory management, export and import of catalogue, media management supporting watermarking & image resizing, or creating customer personalized products, you should plan to buy the Enterprise edition.

Magento Enterprise – The Paid Edition

The Magento Enterprise is a high-performance and scalable e-Commerce solution for larger and comprehensive online stores. With its enterprise-class features, it aids you to develop a completely customized online store.

The additional features which the Enterprise edition offers over the Community edition include:

  • Easier handling of large catalogues of products
  • Full page caching, which enables the store owners to create the static HTML oriented snapshots of every web page on their online store website
  • Flexibility to roll back to the earlier CMS page, product page or category
  • Besides, the past day’s database backup can also be restored easily
  • This version comes bequeathed with an enhanced tax calculation system which allows easier creation and management of tax rates as rule
  • The Enterprise edition delivers better site access and logging permissions with improved administrative roles

There are several other features that you get when you choose Magento Enterprise Edition. Thus, if you are seeking to develop a contemporary online store with enhanced functionalities, it is a good idea to choose the paid version of Magento.

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