Challenges & Benefits of IoT in Social Media

Challenges and Benefits of IoT in Social Media

Posted on June 23, 2016

The IoT (Internet of Things) has become one of the most talked-about technologies these days owing to the diverse ways it can help businesses and consumers alike. While IoT can be used in a variety of ways, there is one IoT application that is attracting a lot of eyeballs these days – social media. On one hand, IoT’s association with social media is capable of delivering several benefits, but, at the same time, it can be quite challenging to implement as well. Let us have a look at how IoT stands to change social media as we know it –

An Increasingly Social Internet of Things

The idea behind leveraging the social potential of IoT is the gradual interconnection of hybrid services, apps, objects, and people allowing users to have their own social networks with their own privacy guidelines, which in turn can interact with another user’s personal network. Today, the main objectives behind the Social Internet of Things (SIoT) which companies are pursuing are simple:

  1. To allow users to become increasingly social and interact with their own electronics and things in a personalized social network.
  2. To allow consumers and users to impose privacy rules of their own choosing.
  3. Allow extensive inter-object interactions on a user’s social network.

In the future, this interconnected and increasingly social and hybrid network will help create meaningful offline and online experiences for its users, while at the same time allowing businesses to interact with their customers on a more personal level.

Benefits of SIoT

The overall impact that IoT can have on social media is huge and motivating. Some of the most significant benefits that IoT in social media will be able to deliver include tracking the behavior of consumers in real-time and augmented situational awareness. This can be quite useful for businesses who want a deeper insight into consumer behavior to deliver them the desired services.

Smartphones, which have become a vital part of our lives, are one of the most commonly used devices which can act as the control panel for SIoT. It can act as the perfect “command center” for all interconnected IoT devices. As per a leading tech expert, today, connected devices have highly influenced the way we associate and interact with others. Even most businesses believe that their consumers are spending a lot of their time on social networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more. The use of such devices results in connecting and sharing the social data of these users with the objects around them, resulting in many meaningful applications.

Challenges Being Faced by Social IoT

The biggest challenge for IoT in social media is that there are too many sites, a plethora of activities, and a colossal number of connections to establish. While it sounds complicated and time-intensive, it is at the same time, quite challenging as well. When IoT is used in social media, it has to bring out positive and measurable results. As soon as we design and develop technologies that can overcome these challenges, it would become much easier to derive the benefits which IoT in social media can offer. If implemented properly with the help of non-invasive APIs and other social media tools, businesses would be able to deliver personalized services with ease, while benefiting from better customer analytics.

Solving the Social IoT Conundrum

Gradual and in-depth integration is the key to meeting the above-mentioned challenges while being able to find out viable solutions. To overcome these challenges, one has to start working with platforms that can handle diverse endpoints, patterns, and styles. Tech developers can also begin by collaborating with dedicated IoT and social media platforms such as Facebook and Parse. For instance, they can start with building the API (Application Program Interface) for the IoT hardware and then move on to software and UI.

Social media is booming and has become one of the most valuable sources for collecting data. Most brands use social media to get valuable insights that can support their customer services. Flatworld Solutions understands the significance of social media monitoring and thus, offers its clients a quality-focused array of advanced research and analysis services including online market research services, business research services, pharmaceutical research services, and social media monitoring services. If you have been seeking value-driven R&A services which leverage the power of IoT to support your brand, enhance awareness about it, and deliver your customers the services they have been looking for, our seasoned research executives can help you. You can also share your research and analysis requirements by leaving a comment in the box below and our executives will contact you.

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