How Can Instagram Influencer & Users Make Use of IGTV

How Can Instagram Influencers & Users Make Use of IGTV?

Posted on January 10, 2019

When we talk about social media marketing, one of the most effective and strongest media is the video format. Video format not only ensures that the brand is promoted well but also promises further user engagement. Which is why, almost every social media platform, is working on supporting video creation and production. The success and viewership of the video format led to Cisco predicting, that by 2019, almost 80% of the internet’s content can be expected to be in the form of videos.

To support longer video creation, Instagram launched IGTV in June 2018. It has been compared the Video giant YouTube, but read on to know what exactly is IGTV and what makes it different.

What is IGTV Video?

IGTV is an application that can be either used alone or the same feature can be used on Instagram. The basic difference between IGTV and Instagram stories is that the former can last up to an hour length. The user can simply download the app and create their own channel to get started.

How Can Instagram Influencers Use IGTV?

After downloading the app, the user can create his own channel and upload the videos. The followers will automatically be able to see the video on Instagram, irrespective of the fact that they have the app or not. After uploading, the video can be shared through your other channels also.

One particular point to be noted is that you can’t immediately record a video instead you must record a video and then upload it. A good video length should be about 3-4 minutes, but considering an average viewer’s concentration span of about 1 minute, make sure to be clear about your message in the first minute itself. Make sure to use links in the description, which can drive traffic to any important page of yours.

What Makes IGTV Different?

One of the pros of IGTV is that it supports mobile-optimized view videos, unlike YouTube. This is one beneficial feature for brand promoters and influencers. The viewer no more needs to rotate the phone to watch their favorite videos. It is not only optimized for viewing but also meant for users to upload it through their phones.

Also, another important feature that the app provides is that there no advertisements to disrupt the video and the viewer is more likely to engage in the video given that. The viewer can continue to watch a video from the same point if he/she has to stop watching it for some reason. That again is something that YouTube doesn’t provide.

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