What Is Business Process as a Service (BPaaS)?

Posted on May 23, 2015

What is BPaaS? How is it used from the cloud? How did BPaaS begin? What are the features of a BPaaS service? Read this blog post to get answers to all these questions and more.

Business Process as a Services or BPaaS for short, refers to any type of vertical or horizontal business process that is delivered from a cloud services model. Since cloud services include Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service ( SaaS) and infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), they are dependent on related services.

BPaaS is the delivery of business process outsourcing services that have been sourced from the cloud and then constructed for multitenancy. BPaaS services are often automated and have pricing models that either consumption or subscription based. Since this is a cloud service, it is usually accessed through an internet-based technology.

The beginnings of BPaaS

Over the past few decades, enterprises have been automating various business processes. Earlier on, a company was forced to automate a business process either programmatically or manually. For instance, if a business wanted to build a management system for orders, which looked up a credit check, before the issuing of a transaction, the business would have to build this request into a program.

However, with the coming of cloud computing, this approach began to change. Companies started to look towards a service-oriented approach to services, rather than use a packaged application that uses data, business logic and processes.  BPaaS has now made it possible to choose a process application that is not tied to a single application.

The difference between traditional packages and BPaaS

When it comes to comparing traditional packaged applications with BPaaS, the difference lies in the fact that BPaaS is service-oriented. This provides BPaaS with well-defined interfaces and also makes it a standardized service which can be used by many different enterprises.  Because a BPaaS is more optimized to consistently deliver a service, you can leverage better standardization and automation.

Unique features of BPaaS

  • A BPaaS services is usually used with three other foundational cloud services, namely PaaaS, SaaS and IaaS
  • A BPaaS service can be configured based on the process that is being designed
  • A BPaaS service has well-defined APIs, which make it easily connected to other related services
  • A BPaaS can support multiple languages and multiple deployment environments
  • A BPaaS environment can handle massive scaling and optimize underlying cloud services

Why your enterprise should use BPaaS?

There are several practical reasons why your company should select a business process service. A BPaaS process can be used in varied application environments and ensures a consistent and well-defined process across your organization. For example, your business may be currently following a complex process for processing payroll or for managing your shipping. If you opt for BPaaS, this service can be successfully linked to other services in the cloud like SaaS, as well as other applications in the data center.

BPaaS services are now designed as packaged offerings that can used in a hybrid manner. Today, almost any business process can be any service that can be easily automated, be it managing customer credit, shipping packages or handling e-mails.

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