Beat the Competition with Real Estate Image Editing

Posted on November 18, 2013

Earlier, all it took to beat other real estate listings was to use a few images in your listings. Back when most online real estate listings did not even use pictures, getting to the top of the heap was easy. For a period of time, listings only used a few pictures and just adding a bunch of pictures could get you more attention from perspective buyers. Unfortunately, those times are gone and it is now important that you use real estate image editing to beat the competition. In fact, in many cases you’ll only be keeping up with the competition by using real estate image editing.

According to, most potential buyers look at listings on major syndicated websites such as Realtor, Trulia and Zillow. These sites tend to allow a lot more photos than other listing services, plus they give potential homebuyers the option to sort the listings by the number of photos included. This puts that much more attention on the real estate images that you are using, which means that good real estate image editing is basically a necessity.

Most Users are Logging Serious Time
In addition, the average time of a visit to realtor is more than 25 minutes. That is way above and beyond the normal website visit time on the average website. It stands to reason that most visitors are spending that time looking at pictures. So once again, the statistics point toward the importance of providing potential buyers with a number of photos and making them high quality images.

Image Editing Essential for Thumbnail Photos
The most important picture that will be included in your listing is the first one that the potential homebuyers will see. The thumbnail photo is the one that visitors will look at before deciding whether or not to read the entire listing for your home. If they like the photo, they will likely check out the listing. If not, they will almost always be on to the next one.

As a result, it is essential that you utilize real estate image editing to make sure that photo is an attention grabber that will make most viewers want to read your full listing.

In order to do this, you can work with an expert real estate image editing company knows all of the ins and outs of getting people excited about seeing your home and making them likely to read the listing.

Some of the techniques include brightening up the image, cropping the photo in a flattering way and changing the sky in exterior shots for a bright, blue, clear sky. It is not realistic to wait until a sunny day to photograph all of your real estate, so using technology to assist in making things look a bit brighter is an acceptable practice.

In fact, it’s become a necessary practice since all of the competition is using similar methods and the way to beat them is to make sure that you are getting higher quality real estate image editing services.

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