Accounting Worries? Try Outsourcing

Posted on July 20, 2012

Are you a business owner who is spending precious hours on balancing your books? The time that you periodically spend on your books, can be spent on growing your business or attending to your customers.  So why not leave your accounting work to a professional and make better use of your time. Ok, so now you are convinced that you should not do your own accounting, but you are confused if you should hire an in-house accounting employee or outsource accounting to India.
Outsourcing is cheaper than hiring an in-house accountant

It is much better to outsource accounting than hiring an in-house accounting professional, as you can save additional cost by not paying for:

  • Employee taxes, insurance, retirement plans and other incentives
  • Sick leave, vacations and personal leave
  • Recruitment, training and turnover costs
  • Expensive accounting software
  • Office space, furniture and other equipment

By outsourcing accounting, you will not have to spend time on supervising your accounting employees. Instead, you can avail the services of a trained bookkeeping expert who can assist you in your work right away.

Almost any accounting service can be outsourced

Benefits of outsourcing accounting

Your business, no matter the size, can experience several benefits by outsourcing. Here are a few:

  • Get access to a full-time or part-time accountant, bookkeeper or tax preparer as per your needs
  • See a drastic reduction in your current accounting cost by 50%
  • Be free from the cumbersome task of hiring and training new accountants
  • Experience the flexibility to outsource any type of accounting work, be it bookkeeping or tax returns
  • Easily hire a bookkeeper or accountant online, as per your demand
  • Focus more on your core business functions, by outsourcing non-core accounting work
  • Get access to world-class accounting software and technology

With the outsourcing of all your accounting work, your company can be sure to see a sharp increase in profitability.

Online bookkeeping is simple and easy

Most accounting service providers in India, follow a three step online process to send and receive files, such as the following:

  • You scan the source documents and send it to the vendor
  • The vendor remotely connects to your computer via a secure internet connection
  • The service provider’s accountants update your books and log out

Try outsourcing accounting today and put an end to your accounting worries.


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