9 Ways To Approach Your Cold Leads

Posted on August 17, 2014

Is your business finding it difficult to convert cold leads into buyers? How do you approach a cold lead and give your business the best chance of making a good sale? Here are nine ways to approach your cold leads and convert them into prospective buyers.

  1. Find out good leads

    Source good leads (names, email addresses, phone numbers, and job titles) by looking through trade directories, buying lists of unqualified leads from suppliers, or attending trade exhibitions. The better the leads fit with your customer profile, the more the chances of you converting them into buyers.

  2. Have a definite aim

    Be specific about what you want to achieve when you contact your leads. You may not always be lucky to make an immediate sale, but you can get an opportunity to give a presentation, offer a quote or send out a company brochure.

  3. Be sure of your message

    When you start making cold calls, referring to a pre-written sheet of key messages can be very helpful in avoiding sudden mind blanks. The only thing to keep in mind while using a cold calling script is to not follow it too rigidly; otherwise, you may end up sounding insecure.

  4. Train your staff

    Train your resources on the product/service that you plan to sell before they make any cold calls. Your staff should be able to answer any question that a customer asks, for example, information about your delivery time, product, or company background.

  5. Start right

    Make your calls from a quiet place. Start by introducing yourself and use the name of the customer. Carefully consider the time you choose to make the call. For example, making Monday morning or Friday afternoon calls to busy business professionals may not be well received.

  6. Focus on the customer

    Ask the customer about their requirements and the issues that they are facing. Pay attention to their answers and then present the ability of the product/service that can meet their needs. Be confident when you put across your message.

  7. Utilize different sales channels

    If any of your cold leads have given their consent, you can also approach them by sending out emails, leaflets, text messages, or direct mailers. You could also interact with them via social media. However, the best way to establish a strong relationship with your customers is through direct face-to-face meetings or conversations over the phone.

  8. Follow up promptly

    Ensure that you do whatever you promised in your first approach, even if that means calling back at the end of the year or providing details about new offers.

  9. Measure the results

    Make a note of how many approaches you made and then find out the result of each. Record how many turned into sales and obtain a conversion rate. Finally, carefully analyze the different approaches that you used and the results. This will help you understand which type of approach and which leads were the most successful.

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Have you done cold calling in the past? If yes, how did it go? What are some of the approaches that you used while making a cold call? Can you add to the above list? Drop-in your comments in the box below. We, at Flatworld Solutions, love to hear from you.

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