8 Ways to Ensure Your Mobile App Increases Your ROI

8 Ways to Ensure that Your Mobile App increases your ROI

Posted on December 22, 2016

With the proliferation of the mobile devices and the extensive use of smartphones in day to day tasks, the demand for unique, easy-to-use, resourceful and engaging mobile apps is increasing significantly. At the same time, businesses which don’t offer their services through mobile apps have started suffering a considerable drop in sales and customer engagement. Thus, every business organization which wants to gain an edge over its counterparts while increasing ROI is developing mobile app for their customers.

However, it is vital to follow the right strategies to ensure that the mobile app being developed is capable of enhancing the profitability and customer engagement for the organization.

Here are the top 8 ways to ensure that your mobile app increases your ROI:

  1. Ensure Great App Performance

    An app’s performance is one of the most critical factors which can make or break your company’s relationship with the app user. Make sure that the load time of your app is less, and it offers a flawless experience to the end user.

  2. Attractive Visual Design is a Must

    There are thousands of apps in the app store, and what might persuade a user to download & try your app is its visual appeal. An app with outstanding graphics and stunning design strikes the chord with the customers. Thus, ensure that your app looks visually attractive and is equipped with an intuitive design.

  3. Easy On-boarding Process

    If it’s too complicated to get registered with your app, there are chances that the users might delete your app even before using it. Thus, do not over complicate the process of account creation and login.

  4. Provide Flexibility to Opt Out of App Notifications

    Customers do not like the apps which keep on sending push notifications without their permission. While 70% of the customers find the messages delivered by push notifications worthwhile, but they always want the control in their hand. Thus, it should be easy for customers to opt-out of the push notifications and again opt-in whenever they want.

  5. Target The Right Segment of Customers

    No one prefers to receive useless or irrelevant information from the mobile apps. Thus, it’s vital to optimize your app in a way that it delivers the customized and targeted content to the app users on the basis of their in-app behavior, preferences, demographics, context, and time.

  6. Offer Rewards To Users

    One of the best ways to increase your ROI and retain the users is by delighting them with the app rewards, who would not love to be rewarded for using the app. Thus, use rewards as a robust tool to gain the trust and loyalty of the users.

  7. Let Customers Share Easily Through The App

    Making your app share friendly has become more important than ever. Thus, create an app which is inherently social and promotes itself when talked about or shared. This will deliver you dual benefits – happy users and app marketing.

  8. Automated Event Based Triggers

    The best time to interact with your app audience is when they are using the app and have completed one of the in-app events. At this time, you can get their undivided attention and it is the perfect time to promote something or sending additional information. It not only improves user engagement but also helps in augmenting your ROI.

Using the above mentioned ways, you can certainly engage your app users in a better way and thus, enjoy the benefits like increased ROI, profitability and user retention.

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