8 Ways to Enhance Productivity at Outbound Call Centers

8 Ways to Enhance Productivity at Outbound Call Centers

Posted on April 21, 2016

Call Centers are not the easiest of workplaces, and therefore it is vital to keep employees motivated in order to get the desired results. This stands especially true for outbound call centers where the executives are required to make telephonic calls and sell products only through calls, which in itself is a difficult proposition.

Here we have collected the top 8 ways to enhance productivity at call centers while helping employees perform at their best:

  1. Regular Short BreaksIt has been proved by countless studies that when the call center agents are forced to perform continuously for longer stretches, their performance tends to decrease with time. Thus, ensure that your call center agents take regular small but mandatory breaks every 1.5 – 2 hours to keep them fresh and raring to go.
  2. Regular Feedback and AppreciationProviding regular feedback to call center executives with positive pointers to eradicate the issues they are facing and due to which they are not able to perform optimally is the right way to enhance productivity at an outbound call center. At the same time, appreciating the top performers also works as a great motivating tool for others.
  3. Developing Familiarity with the ProductIf you are not convinced about how the product which you are selling is better than its counterparts, you will be hard pressed to convince others. Thus, always give your call center employees some time-out and let them get familiar with the product in a non-formal environment. Training employees also works in such cases. For instance, call center employees of an automotive company can be given test drives so that they can develop an experience of their own and familiarize themselves with the benefits, which they often talk about on the calls with prospective buyers. When employees are enthusiastic about the product, it is easier for them to speak unequivocally about its many benefits.
  4. Internal CommunicationInternal communication is quite imperative in order to ensure productivity in a sales oriented call center. Conduct regular briefings and motivate the employees while dealing with any hassles or challenges they are facing. Their peers and superiors can both work together to resolve the issues, and with increased communication, your employees will feel that someone has got their back when facing an urgent issue.
  5. Enhance Greenery At the WorkplaceThough it sounds like a very simple measure, but placing green plants at a workplace is known to deliver considerable benefits which directly augment productivity at the workplace. Green plants are known to keep stress at bay, while also breaking the monotonous color schemes of modern-day call centers, and thus employees are able to deliver better results by feeling more comfortable at their workplace.
  6. Regular Outings and PicnicsIt’s important that the employees spend some time together out of the office to develop friendlier relationships amongst themselves. Coordination and friendliness between the employees will help them aid each other in the office, and thus, productivity will increase. This would also help you counteract employee churn directly, which is a bane for today’s call centers.
  7. Offer Lucrative IncentivesWhen high performance is rewarded with an incentive, whether monetary or non-monetary, it motivates the employees to perform even better and deliver optimal results. Incentives not only help you award your best employees, but also makes the other sit up and take notice, while working extra hard to receive incentives of their own.
  8. Reduce Administrative Burden on Sales EmployeesWhen sales employees are allowed to focus only on sales and not waste their time in any administrative tasks, productivity will certainly improve. Set up a separate team to handle the administrative tasks if you can, as allowing your sales employees a free-hand over their own jobs will make them more focused and efficient.

Using the aforementioned measures, you can enhance the overall productivity at an outbound call center while dealing with many issues which plague today’s call centers.

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