7 Tips to Remember While Outsourcing Chiropractic Services

7 Tips to Remember While Outsourcing your Chiropractic TeleHealth Services’ Billing

Posted on July 2, 2021


Chiropractic service companies specialize in doing exactly what their name suggests – chiropractic services to its patients. It does not specialize in any other tasks, including billing, retrieving reimbursements, and claim settlement processes. These companies can either have their in-house billing team or outsource it to a specialized organization. Building an in-house team proves to be a challenge since they have to be trained to do what is not their key responsibility that is bill chiropractic services. This requires time and money to be at par with an outsourced team that has industry knowledge and experience in the field. Lack of proper expertise, time, and attention to detail can lead to major cash flow breakages and significantly hamper the goodwill of the chiropractic practice and its core business.

Hence, outsourcing is the way ahead, so that you can have an efficient billing service without diverting your energy and attention from your core task – chiropractic services.

In this blog, we will discuss 7 tips that you must keep in mind while outsourcing your chiropractic telehealth services’ billing.

7 Tips to Remember While Outsourcing your Chiropractic TeleHealth Services’ Billing

Here are 7 tips to consider while outsourcing your chiropractic telehealth services’ billing:

  1. Enquire about payment timelines
    Ask pertinent questions about the number of days it will take the chiropractic billing company to settle payments. Flatworld Solutions optimizes insurance reimbursements and ensures immediate billing. Payment timelines will help streamline the continuous cash flow without any interruptions and at the same time, will help the chiropractors plan their operations.
  2. Know about the waiting periods
    Chiropractors and chiropractic billing companies are often at the receiving end of waiting abysmally long periods for insurance companies to make their payments. Similarly, following up on a claim, billing patients for treatment, or simply bill chiropractic teleHealth services also takes longer. Select a chiropractic medical billing company that has a record of a short waiting period, and can explain how they minimize these periods to increase monthly incomes.
  3. Hire a chiropractic billing company that employs experienced professionals
    Rules and regulations regarding medical billing change at frequent intervals. Hence, it is essential for chiropractic billing services to stay up-to-date with these changing regulations to deliver the best solutions. Make sure that the billing company that you collaborate with employs professionals who have the necessary industry knowledge and experience in the field. Most importantly, they should keep abreast with the changing rules and regulations to maintain accuracy in the business processes. This will reduce the scope of coding errors and also audit exposure.
  4. Hire a specialized company
    Partner with a company that specializes in the chiropractic industry. This will ensure faster claims payment. The technical know-how and expertise of the workforce in the field make it possible. They will know whom to connect with, the right questions to ask, and how to complete the task effectively. As a result, claims get paid in half the usual time, and that too with minimal denials. Flatworld Solutions is one such industry leader with expertise in chiropractic billing services involving a team of professionals experienced in this forte.
  5. Enquire whether the software is an integral part of the chiropractic billing services
    The software has changed the way we work by multi-folds. Select coding and billing chiropractic services that are software-enabled as it aids inpatient care in varied ways. The intuitive nature of software makes business processes and patient care more efficient, offering services beyond the expectation of patients. This will not only ensure an improvement in patient retention, but they will also refer new patients to your chiropractic services company. At Flatworld Solutions, we are well equipped with the latest technology to enable our clients to offer the best patient care and enjoy a healthy patient retention rate.
  6. Ask whether you can expect improved reimbursements
    The primary purpose of outsourcing chiropractic billing solutions is to make use of specialists in retrieving reimbursements – a task that you do not specialize in. A specialized billing organization will have the required knowledge to ensure a significant rise in reimbursements. This is because they are trained in the field and have the experience to make their way around the changing rules and regulations to retrieve the reimbursements for you.
  7. Enquire whether you can receive claim payments quicker
    Partnering with an expert chiropractic billing organization will also guarantee significantly quicker claim payments. This is also because of the same reason that the workforce has been in the industry long enough to be aware of the processes of the bureaucratic system. They also keep abreast with the frequently changing rules and regulations and have been trained to ask the right questions at the right time to get the work done. Billing chiropractic services and completing the claim settlement process are usually done in half the time with minimal denials.

How Flatworld Solutions is your Best Bet for Outsourcing Chiropractic Billing

With industry experience of over 17 years, Flatworld Solutions is one of the market leaders in chiropractic billing services. Its expert specialists are trained with knowledge about the field and experience for delivering improved operations. Flatworld is HIPAA-compliant and ensures secure medical billing processes to control incidents of hacking.

Flatworld Solutions stays at par with the latest technological and operational changes in the field to deliver the best results to its clients. It saves chiropractic services companies the hassle of hiring an in-house medical billing team and then training them to ensure that they are abreast with the best practices of the industry.

Not just that, outsourcing chiropractic billing to Flatworld Solutions also enables chiropractic services organizations to focus on their core area of expertise, i.e. healthcare services. It does not have to waste time focusing on purchasing billing software and investing in expensive software upgrades. Looking for outsourced chiropractic billing services? Get in touch with Flatworld Solutions now!

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