7 Outsourcing Advantages You Didn’t Know About

Posted on September 14, 2012

Contrary to popular belief, cost-effective services are only one of the many and not the only advantage that outsourcing offers.  Apart from helping you save money, outsourcing can also help your company grow. Here is a list of seven outsourcing advantages that go beyond money.

1. Shift the focus back on core activities
With the expansion of your company, have you been guilty of ignoring business-critical functions, to accommodate demanding back-office operations? Handling all your back-office operations in-house can consume both finance and resources, thereby shifting the focus away from core activities. Outsourcing such non-core activities can help you refocus on business growth, without sacrificing quality in your back-office.

2. Minimize overhead cost
Are you paying for extremely high overhead costs for certain back-office functions? Do you need to invest in office space, infrastructure and technology for data entry or telemarketing work? Outsourcing such functions can help you save on overhead cost.

3. Save on cost and efficiency
Is the size of your company stopping you from performing a particular business function at a reasonable cost, consistently? Now, with outsourcing you need not hire full-time resources or struggle with complicated back-office functions.

4. Get access to new skills and develop internal staff
Do you have an upcoming project that requires specialized skills that your current staff does not possess? Outsourcing can bring you in touch with the right skill sets needed for your company. When your employees work alongside a vendor, they can acquire new skills.

5. Benefit from continuity and risk management
Outsourcing is a great way to provide your business with a level of continuity, while helping you reduce risks related to high employee turnover, business uncertainty or inconsistency in operations.

6. Bring back control into uncontrolled operations
Do you have in-house operations whose cost is out of control? Outsourcing can bring back control into uncontrolled operations or poorly managed business areas.

7. Enjoy staffing flexibility
Outsourcing operations that are seasonal or cyclical in nature can be extremely beneficial, as you do not have to hire full-time resources. All you have to do is outsource the work as and when you need help to a specialized service provider.

What other outsourcing advantage can you add to this list?


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