7 Determining Factors to Choose the Best Photo Editing Company

7 Determining Factors to Choose the Best Photo Editing Company

Posted on April 29, 2021

Photo editing isn’t as simple as it looks. Software upgrades these days are standard, and photo editors need to be on their feet to understand the technicalities that each update brings. Software like GIMP, Adobe Illustrator, and Lightroom are a few of the applications that editors use to bring an image to life. The best quality images mean you spend more on them. There is no doubt that an Image editing service can be done in-house. But there is no cost-benefit attached to it as outsourcing the photo editing business to another company is more cost-effective and has a larger turnaround time which means that your customers are more satisfied with the company. The benefits attached to outsourcing outweigh the need to do the editing in-house.

What is Photo Editing and What Does It Comprise Of?

In simple words, photo editing is altering an image, but the technicality lies with what comes after the definition. It is considered to be an innovative act that is done to remove and correct the unnecessary elements in the photograph. Image Photo editing has become a vital part of the advertising scenario as it helps the business to draw attention to the product. A photo editing business helps the image look professional through clipping path, masking, or special effects. Photo editing comprises the following elements.

  • Noise Reduction: Smoothening out the picture from its loud undertones This is done by reducing the pixel size.
  • Contrast balance: Striking the right balance is necessary when it comes to contrast. Higher contrast will make the photo look punchy, while lower contrast will give the appearance of flat colors.
  • Exposure Correction: Balancing the brightness of the photograph.
  • Resizing: Sometimes the picture is too big and the background has too many unnecessary elements. Therefore, resizing basically is changing the dimensions of the image.
  • Background Removal: This is usually used for product photography with white background as the elements in the background are removed, and only the product stands out.
  • Portraiture: The main subject needs to stand out in the photograph and the customer attraction should fall on the model.
  • Special Effects: Special effects are even used in still photographs like exposure and filters to draw attention to it. Special effects could mean a host of things ranging from animation to Computer Generated Imagery (CGI).
  • Photo Stitching: Photo Stitching is seamlessly putting two photographs together in such a way that they look like they are part of the same shot. It is a difficult technique to master.
  • Photo Masking: Photo masking is the process of layering and revealing specific parts of the image.
  • Pixel Editing: Pixel-level editing is altering the image at the pixel level. That means the minute details are edited, and it is done at a higher level to accomplish certain techniques that are not possible by other functions like parametric editing.

These are just a few options that photo editing services apply when they are altering an image. This is done through Photo Editing Software, and generally, editors use software like Adobe Photoshop, Serif Affinity, Pixlr, Canva, GIMP, and Microsoft Paint. Amateur photo editors also use mobile applications like Snapseed, VSCO, and Afterlight to alter their photographs.

There are many details to look into when editing a photo. Photo editing is in vogue as enhanced images are used by companies to run their advertisements, to enhance their social media handles, and print catalogs and posters. Given the number of companies that have mushroomed all over the globe, it is not easy to overlook the glaring importance of edited images to run their marketing campaigns. Image editing service is hired by the company that is designing their campaign, and this is a continuous process.

The reason for companies to hire external services is due to a plethora of reasons ranging from expenses to restricted time. Outsourcing these services becomes inevitable when training in-house editors cease to become cost-effective, and the companies are unable to handle the load of photo-editing while keeping their focus on the core activities aside.

Why Outsource Photo Editing Services to Another Company?

On average, 24% of photo editors spend around 5 minutes editing a photo. However, 20% of editors spend more than half an hour which means that they edit only 16 images in a single day without focusing on any other work. In-house employees cannot perform image photo editing all day as they have the core activities of the company to focus on. Companies outsource photo editing services to another company when they are unable to keep up with the customer demand and the rising operational costs. In fact, 59% of companies use outsourcing services to chart out their photo editing requirements. Along with that, clients often give a deadline, and even though there is a rush fee involved, the workload is simply too much. Due to the workload, 67% of employees feel burned out, which leads to a loss in productivity levels even further.

Not outsourcing the editing services to a photo editing company can also lead to a loss in business as the employee is not able to focus on the core activity of the company. The work is taxing, and therefore, businesses outsource photo editing services to another company. Here are a few more reasons why businesses are compelled to go the outsourcing way.

  • To Save Time
    Image editing is a tedious job, especially if you have a large volume of photos to edit. Curating a large number of photos takes days, and several hours are spent perfecting just one photo. Given the work commitments that a business has, it is simply not possible to do it all. This is where outsourcing Photo editing services come in as they are able to take a huge load off your back, and you save precious company time.
  • Access to Industry Experts
    Professional photo editors with years of experience are experts in the industry, and they are able to edit the images better. The experts understand the lighting and composition of a photograph, and they are able to make quicker decisions. When you hire an outsourcing image editing service, you are gaining access to a pro who can spend all day taking the photographs to the next level.
  • Minimize Costs
    When a business tries to hire an in-house photo editor, they are required to pay for their training, and hiring a professional photo editor in the United States can be very expensive. The retouching cost itself can burn a hole in your pocket. On top of that, software and software upgrades need timely attention and money. That is why businesses outsource their image photo editing requirements to another company to save on operational costs.
  • Frequency Separation Technique
    It is a powerful tool in Photoshop that is used to smoothen and retouch the skin without degrading the texture. The frequency separation technique is not easy to master, and it is frequently required in portraiture, glamour photographs, and boudoir. Outsourcing these photo editing services to a pro will help you save costs and seek the consultancy of an expert.
  • Faster Turnaround Time
    Photo editing services provide faster turnaround time as compared to in-house editors as they are equipped to handle a larger volume. With image outsourcing services, you can provide your clients their images faster which will lead to greater customer satisfaction. This will mean more business for the company. Professional photo editors can edit a large volume of photos in less than 48 hours.
  • More Focus on the Core Activity
    Outsourcing time-consuming tasks like photo editing will open up more spare time for you to focus on the core activities of the business. You can focus on what you do best, and the expert photo editors can focus on what they do best. It will free up your time to focus on your clients and deliver the best customer service.
  • High-quality Results
    Photo editing companies around the globe hire the best for the job, so this means that they have industry experts on board. It is crucial for a business to have a stellar image to draw attention to their products, and high-quality photo edits in the marketing campaign or advertisement boards are the way to go. Everybody warrants perfectionism, and they do not accept sloppy results. Outsourcing photo editing services means that you get the best results.
  • Access to the Latest Technology
    Technology is not constant as it keeps upgrading itself every year. Getting your hands on the latest version of the software requires money, and this can be unaffordable for many. But with outsourcing companies, this is not the case. Since they are dedicated to providing top-notch quality image editing services, they have the latest technology and software upgrades with them. Therefore, businesses get the best quality images to attract more customers.

7 Determining Factors that Can Help you Choose the Best Photo Editing Company

In this world where social media is a dominating factor, no photograph is perfect until it is subjected to various editing techniques like equalization, filtering, blemish removal, contrast, contour, and many more retouches. This is done to compensate for any harm done to the photo by external conditions such as sun and wind. Performing editing for a large volume of photographs in-house is expensive and time-consuming; therefore, photo editing services are hired to ensure pristine quality and to cut down operational costs. However, it should be noted that a bad photo editing company can ruin all your efforts, so here are some tips to help you choose the best photo editing company.

  1. Industry Experience
    If you are hiring an image editing company, you need to ensure that the staff has enough experience in the field and are not freshers. Reputed photo editing companies hire industry veterans to deal with the large volume of work they receive, and this could make a massive difference for your brand reputation. Choosing the right company like Flatworld Solutions with industry experts is vital for your survival.
  2. Latest Technology
    Technological updates take place every day, and the photo editing business needs to be updated regarding the advancements the industry is going through. For example, minimalist images were a vogue in 2020, and the photo editing services should be aware of the designs and the software needed to make them. It makes a huge difference when compared to designs made on low-end technology; therefore, you should pick the company that uses cutting-edge technology.
  3. Customer Reviews
    Internet is easily accessible to everyone, and almost everyone is on the web. It becomes easy to check a company before hiring them by reading the customer reviews on various websites. You will be able to find out the software they use, the type of images they perfect, and the editing tools they use. On the basis of the experience of their clients, you can pick out the photo editing business that will be perfect for you.
  4. Software Usage
    The new and upgraded software is flooding the market every few months, and the company needs to be updated about the evolution as top-tier software becomes obsolete after a year. Therefore, before selecting an editing company, ensure that they are using the latest software.
  5. Age of the Firm
    A firm that has been incorporated a long time back has stood the test of time through various upgradation and industry experience. It ties up with the belief that the older firms have a good standing in the market.
  6. Price
    Yes, hiring an outsourced photo editing company is incredibly cost-effective for your company when compared to in-house hires. However, there are many hidden charges that the company does not reveal until you have already signed the contract. Therefore, always compare the services provided by the multiple firms and check the actual costs before making a decision. The price should always befit the quality of the service provided.
  7. Do Not Rush
    Before finalizing a company, learn all about it. Read the company policy, the services they provide, the number of clients they are handling, and check their reviews. In a hurry, do not make the mistake of checking the reviews on their own site as they are bound to be positive. Check the reviews posted on reputed third-party sites before coming to a conclusion. Selecting the best image editing company is simple, and your customers should be happy about the final product that you are selling.

Outsource to the Best Photo Editing Company Now

At Flatworld Solutions, we use the upgraded software like Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Illustrator, PTGUI, Autodesk Stitcher, and PTLens to edit your image. We are industry experts when it comes to photo editing services, and we can work in multiple formats. We, at Flatworld, serve industries ranging from Publishing Houses and Photo Studios to Real Estate Agencies and Catalog companies. We work at low costs and provide you high-quality images to give you a pristine picture. We also offer Real Estate image processing, photo clipping, background removal, and photo masking services.

You can check out our sample images on the website that we have created using the upgraded versions of the software, and we are able to handle a large volume of photos with our rigorously trained experts.

If you want your business to stand out above the rest, outsource your image photo editing requirements to Flatworld for a stellar marketing campaign. We have made photo editing seamless for you. Contact us today.

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