7 Benefits of Outsourcing Healthcare Services to India

Posted on November 23, 2012

Did you know that India is the most sought after outsourcing destination for healthcare services? Indian healthcare services providers are equipped with the latest technology, software and healthcare know-how to provide services that are on par with international healthcare standards. India is one of the few nations that conducts healthcare outsourcing services with optimum quality and at a very affordable cost. Here are some key outsourcing benefits that your hospital or clinic can enjoy by outsourcing to India:

1. Maximum profit margin at a minimal cost

Outsourcing healthcare services like medical coding, medical animation, medical transcription, claims adjudication and medical illustration to India can prove to be extremely beneficial for your hospital, as you can save a whopping 60% on your current cost.

2. Make huge savings on your capital expenditure

Cost is not the only thing that you can save on by outsourcing healthcare services to India. You can also save on time, manpower and healthcare infrastructure. You would also not have to invest on expensive healthcare software and technology. Your hospital or clinic can concentrate on patient care and leave out worries regarding the management of healthcare staff and compliance with HIPAA.

3. See a marked increase in your level of productivity and efficiency

With the outsourcing of non-core healthcare functions like revenue cycle management or healthcare administration, your physicians can focus all of their time and effort on patient care. With your healthcare staff totally focused on your patients, you will quickly see a marked increase in your overall level of productivity and efficiency.

4. Get your work completed ahead of schedule

When you outsource to India, you can be sure of all your medical billing, medical coding, claims adjudication and medical transcription work getting completed within 24 hours, as your night is India’s day. With India’s unique 12 hour time zone advantage, you can always be sure of your important work getting completed ahead of schedule.

5. Access reports from anywhere at anytime

With a dedicated Indian healthcare service provider handling all your work, you can quickly access any of your healthcare reports from your PC, phone or tablet to know the current status. With up-to-date reports, you can make informed decisions.

6. Better business performance

By outsourcing all your non-core healthcare work to India, you will be able to drastically improve your level of productivity and profits. Outsourcing can also boost your hospital’s business value and give you an edge over your competitors.

7. 99.9% accuracy

Because of the lack of time or a shortage of resources, your hospital or clinic could be facing problems in accuracy. However, by outsourcing, you can be assured of 99.9%accuracy in your medical transcription, medical billing, medical coding and claims adjudication, as Indian healthcare service providers follow stringent quality control processes.

Has your hospital or clinic outsourced to India? Were you able to leverage the above benefits by outsourcing your healthcare services?

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  1. Alisa Addison

    Thanks Vinita for sharing the post. Healthcare BPO enables one to strategically outsource their administrative and clinical management processes, so one can focus on core expertise. Organizations can meet the objectives of reducing operational costs, minimizing administrative overheads and maximizing profitability by strategically outsourcing their business processes to specialized service providers


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