6 Ways to Improve Workforce Efficiency in Warehouse

6 Ways to Improve the Workforce Efficiency in Your Warehouse

Posted on January 12, 2017

Enhancing the warehouse productivity is always among the top priorities of the warehouse managers. However, to figure out how to improve the workforce efficiency in the warehouse and achieve higher productivity is one of the most difficult things.

Here are the top 6 ways to augment the workforce efficiency in your warehouse.

  1. Improve the Warehouse Layout

    The warehouse layout might be one of the reasons for low efficiency among the workers. Thus, first, review your layout and stock the items in an efficacious way. Arrange the products based on their productivity, and place the most popular products in the areas which are easily accessible. You can also leverage the vertical automated storage and retrieval system, so that products can be picked faster.

  2. Appoint People for Streamlined Management

    When there is someone to take care of the management in the warehouse, it keeps a constant pressure on the employees to perform well. The employees do not take unnecessary breaks, don’t procrastinate the things and deliver their optimum performance.

  3. Introduce Incentives

    Rewards and incentives are among the best motivators for employees who are working at the lower levels of the organization’s structure. Thus, if you want your employees to perform well and deliver their optimum performance, you would have to introduce the rewards which will keep on motivating the workers to stay competitive and efficient.

  4. Use RFIDs

    The Radio Frequency Identification can help in increasing the operational efficiency and accuracy by facilitating greater visibility into the warehouse’s critical process points, better coordination within the supply chain and the real-time inventory management.

  5. Leverage WCSs (Warehouse Control Systems)

    Technology has advanced a lot, and thus, there are several tools which can be used in the warehouse setup to enhance the performance and efficiency by optimizing different processes being executed by the workers and employees on the day-to-day basis. You can use these tools for handling the processes which tend to slow down the overall performance in the warehouse. WCSs can control the sortation systems and the conveyers, optimize the picking and packing of products, propagate the pick information to the various voice directed picking systems and optimise the direct packing operations.

  6. Introduce Task Interweaving and Multitasking

    Multitasking and task interweaving helps in accomplishing several tasks in shorter time spans. Furthermore, task interweaving significantly reduces the deadheading. Deadheading implies to a scenario where an employee picks the products from one point and drops them to the designated place and then returns to the picking point without performing any other useful task on the way back. So, if workers can be utilized to perform some tasks while they are heading back to the picking point, it will greatly help in augmenting the workforce efficiency in the warehouse.

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