6 Tips on Conducting Effective Outsourcing Interview

Posted on January 14, 2016

In today’s dynamic and fast-paced business environment, companies are looking for options to cut down costs and increase production bandwidth, and one of the effective strategies used by companies to meet this objective is outsourcing. A company offering right outsourced service can offer long-term ROI to its partners, which in turn strengthens the business relationship. Large companies are now hiring outsourcing companies that can carry out the operations successfully, for the long-term.

Hiring a professional outsourcing company provides many aforementioned benefits, but only if you hire the right partner. Whether you are outsourcing the business to a call center or a large agency, conducting an effective outsourcing interview is very important to alliance with the right outsourcing company.

This article gives you 6 tips on conducting an effective outsourcing interview:

  1. Prepare for the Interview: Before you go ahead with the interview schedule, determine the business requirement and what your company needs from the outsourcing provider. While sending an interview mail, brief about the nature of the work and questions that will be asked during the interview. You can brainstorm with company personals to list down the questions that can be asked to understand the company.
  2. Make an Appointment to Hold the Interview: Once you are done with drafting interview questions, schedule the interview appointment for further process. Make sure you schedule the interview as per the time you can spend on hiring the best outsourcing company.
  3. Get Background Information: Before hiring an outsourcing company, it is important to know the background of the company and whether they have the ability to meet your requirements. You can check the portfolio of the company, to understand how outsourcing the job can help your organization grow.
  4. Check the Communication Skills: For an organization that offers outsourcing service, it is important to have good communication skills. You can judge this while conducting the interview and decide whether to go with the hiring or not.
  5. Problem Handling: During the interview, do ask how the company would handle the work pressure. Also, get to know how the company would handle the problems caused by its employees and compensate the lost revenue.
  6. Summarizing the Interview: Once the interview comes to an end, you can summarize the session on the paper. Make sure you write the same instantly when it is fresh, to create an accurate record.


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