6 Ways to Choose Cash Management Software for Your Company

6 Ways to Choose Cash Management Software for your Company

Posted on May 12, 2016

Managing finances in a business could be a tricky task, specifically when there are multiple investments to be monitored and managed. However, with little support from technology, management of finances can become a lot easier. For instance, if you implement a comprehensive and advanced cash management system, it makes it very simple to manage the outgoing expenditures as well as the incoming funds. Nevertheless, identifying the right cash management system is a difficult task owing to a wide variety of cash management systems available, out of which, only a handful are able to deliver the services they promise.

The 6 Best Ways to Choose Cash Management Software for your Company

Here are the top 6 ways to choose the right cash management software for your firm in order to optimize your business processes:

  1. Know Your Requirements

    There is a wide selection of cash management software products available in the market, but not all offer the same set of features and functionalities. Thus, one of the easiest ways to shortlist the best possible cash management software system for your business is to outline and jot down your company’s requirements. This easily narrows down your options and makes your task of selecting the right software easier.

  2. Select Between Web-based and Offline Versions

    Most cash management systems are often offered in two variants, one of which is a web based version delivered as SaaS and the other one which is locally installed & implemented on your systems. You have to choose between the two and find out which of these ideally fits your requisites. Web based models generally are based on a subscription model but deliver regular updates, whereas the locally installed versions generally require a single licence to be purchased, whereupon they can be used indefinitely.

  3. Industry-specific Systems

    Businesses belonging to different verticals function in a different manner. However, when we start looking for cash management systems, we often forget to consider the industry-specific requisites. In order to select the best system for your enterprise, start looking for the software systems which have been specifically designed for the industry you are in. Also, there are many options which are customized according to various business sizes, so consider the size factor as well.

  4. Consider the Functioning of Your Supply Chain

    It is vital to consider the way your supply chain functions in order to find out the ideal cash management system for you. Few considerations that you need to mull over include answering questions such as – “how does your company deal with its vendors?” “What are the type of transactions which take place between your company and its vendors?” “Do you need to indulge in automatic purchase orders and periodically scheduled deliveries of the new material?” etc.

  5. Automation of Financial Operations

    Most sophisticated and advanced cash management systems possess the potential to automate a large number of financial activities such as entire account management tasks, bookkeeping, tax management, the entire reporting process and much more. However, you have to choose as to what degree you would like your tasks to be automated, and how much manual work you would require to be left alone.

  6. Provide Online Access to Customers

    There are two types of systems available in the market. One, which gives online access to the customers and lets them access their account information online, and the other systems which do not involve the customers at all. Considering whether you want to give any access to your customers, you can choose the best cash management system for your company.

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