6 Call Center Outsourcing Trends that will Dominate 2016

6 Call Center Outsourcing Trends that will Dominate 2016

Posted on January 7, 2016

Call Center outsourcing is one of the most commonly offshored services by companies seeking to reduce operational costs and divert focus from the management of customer care operations to the core business activities. In today’s dynamically changing marketplace, more and more companies are seeking reliable call Center service providers to successfully manage the changing business needs and deliver optimum value to their customers. With the growing demand for call center services; the trends in this service sector are also bound to change.

Here are the top trends related for call Center outsourcing that will dominate 2016:

  1. Multi-channel Support Mediums will Augment

    Today, customers are demanding round-the-clock support everywhere and on any device. Thus, businesses are required to provide multi-channel support to their customers in order to achieve customer satisfaction. As a result, the call Center outsourcing companies will soon be seen managing-multi-channel support with as many as 9 distinct modes of customer support, and 7 of these would be through digital media. The channels that these vendors are required to provide support through include –

    • Telephone
    • Email
    • Websites
    • IVR touch-tone
    • Web Chat
    • SMS or Instant Messaging
    • IVR Speech
    • Smartphone Applications
    • Video Chat
  2. Voice Biometrics for Stamping Authority

    In today’s dynamic technology dominated world, the conventional knowledge based systems, passwords and pins deployed for authenticating users no longer suffice for securing customers’ information and ensuring confidentiality. The online fraudsters are capable of breaking the security layers and committing grave crimes in case the methods used for authenticating users are weak. Consequently, call centers would be required to employ stringent mediums for user authentication such as voice biometrics.

  3. Cloud-based Call Center Software

    The cloud-based call Center software is gaining immense popularity these days owing to its outstanding capability to store data and allow access to it. These software can help call Centers remotely manage their operations with quicker deployment.

  4. Bimodal Approach

    One of the main challenges faced by the companies across the globe is to lower down the costs pertaining to call Center infrastructure and deliver higher flexibility & efficiency in meeting the customer service requisites. By adopting the bimodal approach, the organizations can meet new customer service requirements and achieve consolidation in the call Center infrastructure while lowering the costs considerably.

  5. Digital Engagement will Overtake the Voice-based Customer Service

    As per a recent survey conducted with the purpose of evaluating the best means for providing customer service, it was analysed that there has been a significant decline in the voice-based customer services and the people world-wide prefer digital mediums for customer service. Todays’ tech-savvy generation is keen on leveraging the digital contacts in the form of email, web chat, social media and the self-service channels.

  6. Call Center Analytics will Reshape the Call Center Industry

    The industry experts believe that the call Center analytics will reshape the future of the call Center industry. Today, in order to achieve customer satisfaction it has become very important to anticipate the expectations of the customers before serving them with the desired services. Call Center analytics helps in understanding the expectations of the customers.

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