6 Best Practices for Designing Creative Logos

6 Best Practices for Designing the Most Creative Logos

Posted on January 19, 2017

A logo is not just an artwork that acts as the most recognizable symbol for the company, but, it also represents the company’s philosophy and vision. Thus, it is very important for a business to carefully design its logo so that it can clearly communicate its unique message. With the ever-increasing power and reach of World Wide Web, more eyes are watching your business activity in the digital world than ever. This is why every element related to your business matters. So, if you are wondering about which points you should consider and which ones should you neglect while designing alogo, you are at the right place.

This post mentions some of the best practices for logo designing. By following the below-given tips and tricks, you can certainly design a stunning and unique logo for your company.

  1. Make it Unique

    How many times have you seen clichéd logos, which look attractive? It’s important to design a unique logo that is relatable to your business but does not look completely stereotypical. So, come up with out-of-the-box ideas and design logos which are not only inimitable but are also capable of establishing a connection with your audience.

  2. Typography Can Help, But, Only When Used Smartly

    Undoubtedly, the typographic logos are classy and timeless. Moreover, they look apt from the perspective where we expect a logo to represent the business name clearly. So, if you are planning to use typography-based designs for your logo, be very careful about using some unique concepts such as pairing the small fonts with big ones, thin fonts with their thick counterparts etc. Sometimes, even the most harmonious colour combinations, the most sophisticated imagery, and even the best ideas may get blighted due to inferior typography. So, ensure that your typography logo looks striking and attractive.

  3. Use the Right Colours

    Usage of the right colours is vital for designing superior logos. As per a recent study conducted by the University of Loyola, the colours can boost the brand recognition by as much as 80 percent. While single colour logos look ideal, you can also experiment with multi-coloured logos if they don’t look busy or confusing. Two contrasting colours can also be used for designing eye-catching logos.

  4. Use logo Grids

    Geometrically aligned logo designs look much better than the randomly designed ones. Grids offer a lot of benefits, and the most prominent advantage is that they help you design with much greater flexibility and ensure that the outcome is aesthetically appealing.

  5. Avoid the Clutter

    One of the best strategies to design an attractive logo is avoiding extra cluttering. Excess cluttering makes the design look confusing and busy. You must design a clear, concise and clean design with the apt white spacing.

  6. Keep it Simple

    One thing that we can learn from the successful logo designs of Apple, Nike and Adidas is that keeping the design as simple as possible helps in making it more popular. So, follow the golden rule that simple is better.

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