5 Ways in which VR is Revolutionizing Healthcare

5 Ways in Which VR Is Revolutionizing the Healthcare

Posted on February 2, 2017

Contrary to what many people believe, Virtual Reality is not just about gaming. Virtual reality has been seeping into the field of healthcare and has been equipping the healthcare providers with a wide range of tools to help them diagnose, and treat the patients efficaciously and with greater ease in a time-efficient manner.

Here are the top 5 ways in which the Virtual Reality is revolutionizing the healthcare services:

  1. PTSD Treatment

    PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a serious condition, and off late the healthcare professionals are using VR to help the soldiers struggling with PTSD. They have been using the VR simulations of the warfare to help the soldiers who are still under the traumatic stress, relive the traumatic events which they experienced. In a controlled and safe environment, they are taught how to deal with the instances which may otherwise trigger a destructive behavior in them.

  2. Surgical Training

    The usual way of surgical training for doctors is that they must assist the senior physicians in performing different surgeries before they are ready to take up such tasks alone. VR provides a great way for junior surgeons to practice surgeries without posing any risk to the patients.

    Through VR, a surgery simulator can be used to create the 3D models for practice, and it will provide the learners a “close to real” surgical environment where they can hone their skills.

  3. Assessment of the Brain Damage

    Recently, the medical professionals have been seen using the VR experiences not only to assess the impairments in the brain but also to treat them. As per a report published by CyberPsychology & and Behaviour, some scientists created a VR experience in which the users were required to reach a building’s exit through a door with different colors. The authors concluded that this test was quite effective in measuring the cognitive functions and may also prove more ecologically valid.

  4. Meditation

    Meditation is one of the best treatments for general anxiety. Oculus Rift, a gadget that works on the principles of VR, introduced an app named “DEEP” which aims to help users understand how to perform deep, meditative breathing by making the right breathing the only control for the game. One has to wear a band around their chest, which measures their breathing. This VR experience is like being underwater, and uses breathing as a tool to get from place to another.

  5. Virtual Reality for the Paramedic Training

    VR is being effectively used to help paramedics learn the life-saving skills in an effective manner without placing them or their patients at risk. The learning paramedics are made to interact with a simulated emergency or accident environment in a virtual environment. The scenarios are very realistic and enable them to experience high-pressure situations which they would deal later, when they will start working professionally. It teaches them how to respond to different situations without panicking and save the life of other people.

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