5 Ways to Increase your Business Profitability

Posted on April 19, 2014

You want to move your business forward and get ahead of your competitors. You want to increase your profits, while cutting down on cost. You want to make an impact in the competitive business market. Don’t know how to achieve these impossible feats? Read on to find out five ways through which you can catapult your business profitability.

1. Reduce costs: Start by reducing cost, not just in your expenses, but also to your vendors and suppliers. Try to renegotiate with your suppliers and vendors and come up with a rate that will be profitable to you. Review and analyze all your systems and processes in detail. If the results show that the manpower cost is too high, you can try to automate a few of your business functions. Through automation, you can ensure accurate results in cost-related functions and even streamline your business operations. It is integral to keep a constant watch on the competitor pricing. Make sure that you complement your services with value added products/services for your customers.

2. Keep an eye on productivity: Productivity is something that you must keep a constant eye on. Check for issues and problems that are hampering your productivity and solve them. Remember to include key performance indicators like staff costs, margins and forecasts amongst others to ensure higher profitability and greater productivity.

3. Boost your turnover: There are several ways by which you can increase your turnover. You can start by pursuing new sales and business development. You can also minimize your current expenses and cost of production by analyzing your existing production and coming up with new plans.

4. Review your customer support: Only meeting the needs of your customers will not keep them happy. You have to keep a close watch on your services and make sure that you reach out to them and keep up with the latest developments in your field of business. Look for new business opportunities and find out ways in which you can assist your customers and provide them with custom-made solutions.

5. Asses the credit extended: Take time to review the credit extended to clients. You must remember that credit can quickly turn into bad debt, if it is not tracked well. Make revisions to your credit limits and offer incentives for quick payments. You can also think about offering discounts for early payments.

Did you know that outsourcing services like customer support, data entry and bookkeeping, can help you reduce cost, save on making expensive investments and help you complete your work on time?

How have you increased the profits of your business? Has outsourcing helped you increase profitability? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below. We, at Flatworld Solutions love to hear from you!

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