5 Tips on Working With A Web Designer To Redesign Your Website

Posted on July 27, 2014

Are planning on redesigning your business website? Will you be working with a web designer? If yes, then you must know that most web designers love to start out with a clean slate.  However, you must insist on incorporating crucial links, effective copy and high-ranking web pages into your new website.  Here are five tips that can make working with a web designer easy:

1. Do not make things worse

While analyzing your e-commerce website, some businesses can be very easily satisfied and become complacent, while others can interfere too much with things that are already working well. Avoid both these extremes during the resigning process. Ask your service provider to provide you with solid reasons, why your website needs a redesign. Check the facts or go through case studies to find out if a revamp can actually result in more sales.

2. Who will manage the redesign?

Without an effective project plan, a complete architectural restyling cannot be possible. The same is true of an ecommerce site redsign. The entire redesign project should be carefully handled, if you want a successful outcome. Ask your service provider who will be in-charge of handling the project. Lack of clarity in this, could mean that you are responsible. Insist on the hiring of an experienced project manager who will completely control the scope, schedule and budget of the project.

3. Recycle the best parts of your site

While redesigning, remember not to discard your old website. Do not allow your webs designers to get on with their own version of your website, while the important information in your old website is neglected. Use your old site as a basis for research and spend a few hours reviewing the analytics. If you are already running a successful online store, then your website should be doing something right. If you are still confused, talk to your customers and enquire what they like and dislike about your site.

4. Avoid losing your rankings and links

If you own an established e-commerce store, you will already have many high-ranking web pages in search engines. You will also have other websites linking to your content. With all this valuable traffic and you must strive to protect such assets during a redesign. Ask your web designer to not avoid your rankings and links during the redesign. Insist on using 301 redirects to direct your visitors and search engines, for web pages which have changed page names. Also remember to check if all your pay-per-click links or advertising banners are still correct after the redesign. You do not want to pay for no sales.

5. Keep testing and improving

Did you know that testing is more important for a redesigned site, than a new website? This is because it is quite easy to mess up a website. So, ensure that things on your site are in working order. Prepare ahead for a few months of tweaking your site in order to make it perfect. Ask your service provider to provide your with heat maps, A/B testing and visitor tracking. If your website is not achieving the goals you have set during the redesign, then you will have to set out clear plans to achieve your target.

Outsource web design and web analytics

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Have you revamped your old site? Was it a success or a failure? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below. We, at Flatworld Solutions love to hear from you!

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