5 Tips to Improve Data Entry Quality

5 Tips to Improve Data Entry Quality

Posted on June 2, 2016

As more businesses make their move towards a data-driven culture and start depending on the expert use of data in multiple ways, it has become essential to overcome the challenges pertaining to data entry in order to gain a competitive advantage over their counterparts. Data Entry services are vital for the success of any business. As per a recent survey, it has been revealed that about 94% of the businesses believe that they suffer from a certain level of data inaccuracy, and if these inaccuracies can be removed, the businesses can transform themselves.

Here are the top 5 ways in which you can leverage efficient techniques to improve overall data entry quality:

  1. Ensure the Data Source is Flawless

    Before you begin the process of data entry and data processing, ensure that the data is of good quality, right at the source. If the data source itself is not of the required quality, the outcome of data processing will certainly not be satisfying. Furthermore, processing such data would be a mere waste of time and resources, as on average, a single data entry operator will spend more than a day on such voluminous tasks.

  2. Create a Cross-functional Data Governance Team

    Before you begin working on a data entry project, it’s important to set up a team designated to perform data governance with well-defined accountabilities. With the right people at the right time, you will be able to make highly informed decisions. Assigning a data-governance team will ensure that there are no flaws in day-to-day data management and data entry work while making sure that the data is given proper care across the organization to maintain its value.

  3. Identify the Exact Causes Affecting the Data Source

    The source data might not be of the expected quality most of the time, and there may be several reasons behind the flaws present in it. Thus, to ensure that you can glean the right set of information from the source data you need to identify the exact reasons behind the flaws. Such flaws could range from vague or ambiguous understanding of the data processes, mistakes made during manual data entry, or errors occurring during extraction of data from diverse sources with conflicting information. Once you identify the broad-level root cause, it becomes easier to correct the problem and overcome the inefficiencies of data.

  4. Work on Creating a Sustainable Solution

    Along with constant variations in data due to the addition of new data and changing of existing data, one has to continuously work on maintaining the data quality. Temporary tweaks or one-time data correction techniques cannot be considered sustainable solutions.

    Automation of data entry processes is one of the main ways in which your business can work towards a more sustainable data entry method. The more you apply the right techniques through automation, the more sustainable would be the results. Apart from automation, opening up proper communication channels and proper training for data entry operators can also contribute positively to the overall stability of the whole process.

  5. Select the Right Metrics

    Data quality is a measurement of various elements and variables and therefore does not depend on a single factor. The factors which are considered vital for checking the quality of data include data accuracy, relevance, completeness, legitimacy, timeliness, accessibility, and many more. So, when you choose the right metrics, you can ensure the quality of data matches your expectations and the sources from which the data is obtained.

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